Packers Numbers Crunches-Week #4


Here are several stats you may not know from the Packers 17-3 win over the San Francisco 49ers (the stats all reflect regular season games unless otherwise noted).

  1. The 17-3 win over the 49ers in San Francisco (and in the Pacific time zone-PST) was the Packers first win in a PST game since November 6, 2011 when they defeated the San Diego Chargers in San Diego 45-38. The Packers had lost five straight in PST games; they are 7-6 in all games against an opponent in the PST since 2000.
  2. The Packers have had eight drives of 10 plays or more in the first four games. They have scored six TDs, one field goal and missed a field goal in those eight drives. The Redskins top the league with 13 10-play drives this year. The Packers are tied for second with six TDs in 10+play drives.
  3. Green Bay has scored 13 TDs and seven field goals on their 39 drives this season (a scoring percentage of 51.3%). Only three teams have scored on 50% or more of their drives this season: New England (68%), Arizona (52%) and the Packers.
  4. The Pack has scored 38 points and allowed only six points in the first quarter through the first four games, a plus 32. That +32 ranks first in the league for first quarter scoring. Cincinnati is second with a plus-29.
  5. Green Bay had only seven points at halftime in the game. Typically this is not a good sign for the team; the Packers are now 11-13-1 in games since 2008 when they have seven or fewer points at halftime.
  6. Tight end Richard Rodgers had a TD reception in the game, his fourth career TD. The Packers are 4-0 in the four games where Rodgers has a TD catch. His five receptions in yesterday’s game tied a career high
  7. Mason Crosby missed a field goal in the game, the 48th game of his career where he missed a field goal. The team is 35-13 in games he missed at least one field goal. Of those 13 losses, the Packers lost the game by three points or less in seven of those games.
  8. John Kuhn scored his 22nd career TD. He is one of two players (non-QBs) who has 20 or more TDs with less than 1,200 all-purpose yards in a career; he has 22 TDs and 1,164 career all-purpose yards. The other player is Hank Bauer who played with the Chargers from 1977-82. He had 20 TDs and only 648 career all-purpose yards.
  9. Aaron Rodgers rushed for 33 yards in three attempts in the contest. It was the 24th game of his career where he ran for 30 or more yards. The Pack is 16-8 in those games.
  10. Green Bay had a 14-point lead going into the fourth quarter yesterday in San Francisco. The team is now 52-0 in games where they have a lead of 14 points or more going into the final period on the road. They are 79-1 in games where they have a 10-point or more going into the fourth quarter on the road. The only loss was a 16-13 OT loss to the Redskins on October 10, 2010.
  11. This was the 36th game since 1970 for the Packers when their defense had six or more sacks in the game. The Pack is 35-0-1 in those games. It was the first time since 1978 that the team had six or more sacks in consecutive games (they had seven sacks versus the Chiefs on Monday night).
  12. This is the first season since Aaron Rodgers became the starting QB that he has started the year with no interceptions in the first four games of the year.
  13. Sam Shields had his second interception of the year. He now has 17 career picks. The interesting thing about his 17 interceptions is that he has never scored on one of those interceptions. He is one of four active players in the league with 15 or more career interceptions without an interception returned for TD. He is one of six Green Bay players in history with 15 or more career interceptions without a TD. Mark Lee holds the Packers record with 31 interceptions, none returned for TD.
  14. This was the sixth time since 2010 that the Packers “D” held the opposition to three or fewer points in a game since 2010, tied for second in the league. It was also the 12th time since 2010 that they held opponents under 10 points in a game. That ranks tied for fourth in the league.
  15. The Packers allowed the 49ers only 196 total yards in the game. It was the sixth time since 2010 that the team held opponents under 200 total yards. The Pack is 6-0 in those games.
  16. Since he became the Packers starting QB in 2008, Rodgers has had no interceptions in 65 different games. The team is 54-11 (.831) in those games. The Pack has won 20 of their last 22 in games where Rodgers does not throw an interception.
  17. Eddie Lacy carried the ball 18 times for 90 yards, a 5.0/yards per carry. The team is 10-2-1 when Lacy gains 90-plus yards rushing in a game; 12-2-1 when he carries the ball 18 or more times in a game; and 12-3 when Lacy has a yards per carry average of 5.0 or higher in a contest.
  18. The Packers scored less than 20 points in a game for the 64th time since 2000. That ranks 31st in the league; the Patriots have the fewest games where they scored under 20 points with 61 since 2000. Green Bay is 18-46 (.281 winning percentage) in games where they score less than 20 points

(Jerry Tapp is the author of the book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know.”)

San Antonio Spurs: The NBA’s team of the 21st century


With four NBA titles since 1999-2000, the San Antonio Spurs are one of three franchises that have won three or more NBA titles since the turn of the century (the Los Angeles Lakers won five and the Miami Heat three since 2000).

But if you add up all the wins and losses of the 30 NBA teams since the 1999-2000 regular season through last year’s regular season, its the Spurs, not the Lakers, who have the most regular season wins. In fact if the last 16 seasons were one season, the Spurs would have a 76-game lead over the team with the second-best win-loss record (the Dallas Mavericks) since 1999-2000. That means the Spurs could g0 7-75 this year and the Mavs go 82-0 and the Spurs would still have the best record of all NBA teams since 1999-2000.

Before I list the records of each NBA franchise over the last 16 seasons this century, here’s a quick quiz. Don’t read any further until you have tried to answer this question: There are 13 teams that have a winning record (over .500 winning percentage) in the NBA regular season since 1999-2000. The Spurs are 912-384 (a .704 winning percentage) to top the list. Can you name the other 12 NBA teams that are over .500?

Did you figure out the other 12 teams? Well, here’s a look at the winning percentage of each NBA franchise since 1999-2000.

San Antonio .704

Dallas .645, Los Angeles Lakers .600

Phoenix .563, Miami .560, Houston .551, Utah, 536, Indiana .536, Oklahoma City .531, Portland .531, Boston .526, Detroi 516, Denver .515

(How many did you get correct?)

Orlando .486, New Orleans .474, Sacramento .472, Cleveland .468, Philadelphia .463, Memphis .460, Brooklyn .458, Toronto .454, Milwaukee .449, Atlanta .448, Los Angeles Clippers .444, Golden State .439, New York Knicks .434, Minnesota .429, Charlotte .411, Washington .405

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NL Central: MLB’s best division in 2015


If the Chicago Cubs can get at least one win on the road this weekend against the Milwaukee Brewers they will become the third team in the N.L Central Division to reach 95 wins in the 2015 season. This would be the first time since 1994 (when baseball went to a three-division in each league format) that three teams from one division won 95 or more games in a season.

From 1994-2014 there were 13 times when two teams from the same division won 95 games. It last happened in 2010 when the Tampa Bay Rays (96) and the New York Yankees (95) each reached the 95-win mark that year.

Here’s a look at the 13 times when two teams from the same division won 95-plus games since 1994.

National League
1999: N.L. East (Atlanta 103, N.Y. Mets 97)
1999: N.L. Central (Houston 97, Cincinnati 96)
2002: N.L. West (Arizona 98, San Francisco 95)

American League
1997: A.L. East (Baltimore 98, N.Y. Yankees 96)
2001: A.L. West (Seattle 116, Oakland 102)
2002: A.L. West (Oakland 103, Anaheim 99)
2003: A.L. East (N.Y. Yankees 101, Boston 95)
2004: A.L. East (N.Y. Yankees 101, Boston 98)
2005: A.L. East (N.Y. Yankees 95, Boston 95)
2006: A.L. Central (Minnesota 96, Detroit 95)
2008: A.L. East (Tampa Bay 97, Boston 95)
2009: A.L. East (N.Y. Yankees 103 Boston 95)
2010: A.L. East (Tampa Bay 96, N.Y. Yankees 95)

In eight of these 13 occasions listed above, one of the teams from that division made it to the World Series that season. Only three won the World Series that year (Anaheim 2002, Boston 2004 and N.Y. Yankees 2009). The five teams that lost in the World Series that year were Atlanta-1999, San Francisco-2002, N.Y. Yankees-2003, Detroit-2006 and Tampa Bay-2008.

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Packers Numbers Crunches


Here are 12 stats you may not know from the Packers 38-28 win over the Kansas City Chiefs (the stats all reflect regular season games unless otherwise noted).

  1. The victory on Monday Night Football brought the Packers record to a very mediocre 33-31-1 on Monday night games since 1960. (Note: The Packers were 3-0 on Monday night before Monday Night Football started in 1970). The Pack is only 6-11 on MNF since 2005, although they are now 9-4 at home on MNF since 2000. This was the 23rd straight year that the Packers played at least one game on MNF in a season. When the Broncos play on MNF on December 28, it will be their 24th straight year on MNF, longest active streak in the league. Green Bay is now 9-1 at home in non-Sunday games since 2006.
  2. Randall Cobb carried the ball once on a running play for 12 yards. In his career Cobb has gained 264 yards on 28 rushes, 9.43/yards per carry. Of all NFL players who have carried the ball 25 or more times in their careers, Cobb ranks fifth all-time in the league in that stat. Louis Lipps gained 388 yards on 29 carries for 13.38/yards per carry, tops in the history of the NFL.
  3. Rookie Ty Montgomery had a TD reception in last night’s contest. The Packers have now had a rookie score a TD each season for the last 12 years.
  4. Green Bay held the Chiefs scoreless in the first quarter. They are now 87-24 (.784) in games where they hold the opponents scoreless in the first quarter. They have now won 10 straight when they shutout the opponents in the first period, and have won 35 straight at home dating back to 2007 when the defense pitches a shutout in the first quarter.
  5. The Pack has now won 16 straight when they score 14 or more points in the first quarter. They are 28-4 (.875) in such games since 2000.
  6. The Packers scored 24 points in the first half last night and have now won 24 straight when they get 24 or more points in the first half. Since 1970, the Packers are 48-2 (.960) when they tally 24+ points in the first half.
  7. James Jones scored a TD in his third straight game. This is the fourth time in his career that he has scored a TD in three consecutive games in a season. The last time he accomplished this was in the last three regular season games of the 2012 season.
  8. Aaron Rodgers had five TD passes in the game with no interceptions. The Packers are 27-4 in games when Rodgers has at least three TD passes and no interceptions in a game.
  9. Cobb became the 12th Green Bay receiver since 1960 to have three TD receptions in a game. Sterling Sharpe tops the club with four games with three or more TD receptions. Antonio Freeman, James Lofton and Jordy Nelson each have two such games in their careers with the Pack.
  10. Last night was the 43rd time since 2000 that the Packers scored 35 or more points in a game. That ties the Packers with the Broncos for third in this category in the league. Indianapolis is second with 46 games and the Patriots are first with 61 games with 35+ points since 2000. The Packers are 42-1 in those games where they score 35+ points. NFL teams have won just over 93% of the games when a team scores 35 or more points.
  11. The Packers “D” had seven sacks in the game. It was the 14th time since 2000 that the team had six or more sacks in a game. The team is now 13-0-1 in those games.
  12. Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles rushed for three TDs. It was the 12th time since 1970 that an opposing player had three rushing TDs against the Pack, but it was only the third time the Packers have won a game when that happened.
  13. Bonus stat: The Packers defense allowed only 75 yards rushing on 18 carries in the win over the Chiefs. It was the 31st game since 2010 that they held the opposition under 100 yards rushing. They are 26-5 (.839) in such games; those 31 games ranks 24th in the league. Their .839 winning percentage when they hold opponents under 100 yards rushing, however, ranks fourth in the league. NFL teams have a .684 winning percentage since 2010 in games where they hold the opponents to under 100 yards rushing.

(Jerry Tapp is the author of the book, “250 Stats Every Packers Fan Needs to Know.”)

Making a one-year impact with the Bucks

Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson

One of the complaints you hear about professional sports is that with free agency it’s hard to get excited when new players come to your team because they will eventually leave the team. It’s not like in the old days, fans say, when players stayed with their teams for their whole career.

The reality, however, is that in today’s MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL, players come and go. In some cases, their stay is a few years. In other cases, it might only be one year.

Let’s take a look at one of our local pro teams, the Bucks. Over the past several years they have had players who have had a successful season with the team and then they were gone the next season, either via trade or free agency. For them, the Bucks were a stopover in their career.

A good example of this was Richard Jefferson, who the Bucks obtained in a trade with the New Jersey Nets in June of 2008. Jefferson started all 82 games for the Bucks in 2008-09, averaged 19.6 points per game and scored the most points for the team that season. Almost to the day when he was traded to the Bucks, Jefferson was sent to the San Antonio Spurs a year later in a trade that brought the Bucks three players, Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto and Kurt Thomas.

Here are the players who scored the most points with the Bucks in the only season they played in Milwaukee.

Player, season, points
Richard Jefferson, 2009, 1607
Ruben Patterson, 2007, 1194
Wayne Embry, 1969, 1023
Ken Norman, 1994, 979
Swen Nater, 1977, 938
Fred Hetzel, 1969, 843
Lindsey Hunter, 2001, 825
Corey Maggette, 2011, 805
George Thompson, 1975, 780
Jamaal Magloire, 2006, 752
Bob Boozer, 1971, 728

Let’s add a slight wrinkle to the above stat and look at the players who scored the most points in their career with the Bucks in less than 100 games with the team. Jefferson retains the top spot with 1607 points in 82 games, but Moses Malone takes the second spot in this list with 1329 points in 93 games with the Bucks. Patterson (1194 points in 81 games) and Embry (1023 points in 78 games) are third and fifth on the list. The other addition to the list is Terrell Brandon who is fourth on this list with 1044 points in 65 games with the Bucks.

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