Today’s Sports Stat: February 17, 2018

How many games must a team win in baseball to reach the playoffs?

Over the past six seasons (since the 2012 season), Major League Baseball has used a playoff format where five teams from each league reach the post-season… three divisional winners and two Wild Card teams.

In the past six years, there have been 76 MLB teams that have won 85 or more games in a season. Of those 76, 60 made the playoffs, 78.9%. That means that 16 teams won 85 or more games in the past six seasons but did not make the playoffs. Topping that list are the Texas Rangers who won 91 games in 2013 but did not make the playoffs.

Last season, the Milwaukee Brewers were the only team to win 85 or more games (they won 86) that did not make the playoffs.

Here’s a look at the 16 teams that missed the post-season since 2012 with 85 or more wins in the regular season that campaign.

2012-Tampa Bay, 90; L.A. Angels, 89; L.A. Dodgers, 86; Chicago White Sox, 85

2013-Texas, 91; Kansas City, 86; Washington, 86; Baltimore, 85; N.Y. Yankees, 85

2014-Seattle, 87; Cleveland, 85

2015-L.A. Angels, 85

2016-Detroit, 86; St. Louis, 86; Seattle, 86

2017-Milwaukee, 86


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Today’s Sports Stat: February 16, 2018

Milwaukee Bucks fans have seen their team done in by some of the greatest opposing players in NBA history… included in that group would be Hall of Famers Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas. You could also add future Hall of Famers LeBron James, Jason Kidd and Russell Westbrook to that list.

But what about Nikola Jokic? Would that be a name that rings fear in hearts of the Bucks faithful? What, you might ask, does Jokic have in common with the other six “legends” noted above?

With 30 points, 15 rebounds and 17 assists in Denver’s 134-123 win over the Bucks on February 15, Jokic had his third career triple-double against the Bucks. The only opposing players to have as many triple-doubles (regular season and playoffs) against the Bucks as Jokic are Jason Kidd, Russell Westbrook and Larry Bird.

Following are the 10 opposing players who have had two or more triple-doubles against the Bucks.

6-Jason Kidd

4-Russell Westbrook

3-Larry Bird, Nikola Jokic

2-Alvan Adams, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Detlef Schrempf, Isiah Thomas, John Williams


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Today’s Sports Stat: February 15, 2018

On Monday night, February 12, Philadelphia 76ers reserve point guard T.J. McConnell came off the bench to score 10 points, hand out 11 assists and grab 10 rebounds versus the New York Knicks. It was his first career triple-double in the NBA.

It was also the first triple-double by a bench player in the league since December 11, 2016 when New Orleans’ Tim Frazier came off the bench to have 14 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds versus Phoenix. According to research on Basketball, McConnell became the 21st bench player to achieve a triple-double.

Three players have achieved a triple-double coming off the bench in multiple games: Detlef Schrempf did it three times, while Clyde Drexler and Hassan Whiteside each did it twice.


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Toda’s Sports Stat: February 14, 2018

How about a little Valentine’s Day stat?

Who is the greatest baseball player ever born on Valentine’s Day, February 14?

Is it Kelly Stinnett, a catcher who played 14 seasons in the majors for eight different teams from 1994-2007?

How about another catcher, Earl Smith, who played from 1919 to 1930?

Or, is it Tyler Clippard, a relief pitcher who is currently a free agent? He has played 11 seasons in the majors; he played for three different Major League teams in 2017.

Here’s a quick look at the players born on February 14th who have the most career home runs, hits, pitching wins and saves (Must have started MLB career after 1900 to qualify for the lists below).

Home Runs
65-Kelly Stinnett (1994-2007)
63-Derek Norris (2012-17)
46-Earl Smith (1919-30)

686-Earl Smith (1919-30)
623-Larry Melbourne (1974-84)
476-Kelly Stinnett (1994-2007)

69-Red Barrett (1937-49)
64-Dave Dravecky (1982-89)
48-Tyler Clippard (2007-17)

84-Takashi Saito (2006-12)
61-Tyler Clippard (2007-17)
36-Damaso Marte (1999-2010)

So… who is your choice for baseball’s greatest player born on Valentine’s Day?


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Today’s Sports Stat: February 13, 2018

“Just put the ball in play… make something happen.”

The above lament was a comment I heard many times over the course of my baseball playing days. The premise was simple: Putting the ball in play is better than striking out. You never know what can happen when you hit the ball… there could be a hit, a fielding error, etc. It’s pretty seldom that you reach base when you strike out.

Let’s throw some numbers on the above theory:

Major League teams last season were 612-936 (.395 winning percentage) when their hitters struck out 10 or more times in a game. The Tampa Bay Rays led the majors with 81 games (exactly half of their games in 2017) where their line-up struck out 10 or more times in a contest. The Milwaukee Brewers led the National League teams in this stat; their hitters struck out 10 or more times in 80 games. (For Brewers fans, the Brew Crew went 32-48, a.400 winning percentage, in those games.)

It’s interesting to note that last year’s World Series champs, the Houston Astros, had the fewest number of games with 10 or more strikeouts in 2017 with 21. Coincidence?

Here is the number of games each MLB team struck out 10 or more times last season.

81-Tampa Bay


67-Arizona, Colorado
66-San Diego
62-Chicago White Sox

59-Chicago Cubs
55-L.A. Dodgers, N.Y. Yankees
52-St. Louis

43-N.Y. Mets

39-Boston, Pittsburgh
36-L.A. Angels
35-San Francisco
32-Atlanta, Kansas City



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