Do second basemen make the best managers?

Fifty-six managers have won 1,000 or more games in the major leagues. Of those 56, 50 also played in the majors.

What position has “birthed” the most 1,000-win managers in the majors? Second basemen top the list with 11. Active skipper Tony LaRussa played second base in the “bigs” and tops the list of second basemen turned managers with the most wins, 2,675 (through June 8, 2011).

Following are the number of managers who have won 1,000 or more games at each position these managers played in the majors. Also listed is the manager who has won the most games at each position.

Position                               Managers              Most wins

Second Basemen                            11                        Tony LaRussa, 2,675*

Catchers                                            8                        Connie Mack, 3,731

Shortstops                                        6                        Leo Durocher, 2,008

Third Basemen                                6                        John McGraw, 2,763

First Basemen                                 5                         Walter Alston, 2,040

Left Fielders                                    5                         Lou Piniella, 1,835

Right Fielders                                 5                         Casey Stengel, 1,905

Pitchers                                            2                         Tommy Lasorda, 1,599

Center Fielders                               2                         Ned Hanlon, 1,313

Note: The six managers with 1,000 or more wins that did not play in the majors:

Joe McCarthy, 2,215

Jim Leyland, 1,526*

Earl Weaver, 1,480

Frank Selee, 1,284

John McNamara, 1,160

Jack McKeon, 1,011

* Through games of June 8, 2011


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