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Just short of the World Series

Back in 1969, division play came to Major League Baseball (MLB) thus creating a League Championship Series (LCS) in both the American and National leagues.

The Pittsburgh Pirates top the list of MLB franchises that have lost the most LCS thereby falling short of reaching the World Series that season.

Following are the teams that have lost the most LCS:

7: Pittsburgh Pirates

6: Atlanta Braves

5: Oakland A’s, California/Los Angeles Angeles, Boston Red Sox

4: Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies


More passing TDs than rushing TDs

Not only have the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints won the last two Super Bowls, but they rank one-two in an impressive offensive statistic.

The Saints in 2010 scored 33 touchdowns on passes and only nine times on rushes. This made it the 24th consecutive year they have scored more TDs passing than rushing in a season, longest active streak in the NFL. Last year’s champs, the Packers, had more passing TDs than rushing TDs in 2010, ranking them second on this list with 22 straight seasons.

Going in to the 2010 season, the Cleveland Browns had 20 straight seasons with more passing scores than rushing, but in 2010 they scored 13 TDs via the air and 13 times on the ground, thus ending their streak.

Following are the teams with the longest current streaks of scoring more touchdowns by passing than by running in a season.

Team                          Consecutive seasons with more passing TDs than rushing TDs

New Orleans                                                            24

Green Bay                                                                 22

Indianapolis                                                             16

Washington                                                              14

St. Louis                                                                    12

Cincinnati                                                                 10

Dallas                                                                         10

Detroit                                                                        10

Tampa Bay                                                                  9

Philadelphia                                                                7