NFL QB success despite the sacks

Last year’s Super Bowl quarterbacks, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, accomplished something in the 2009 regular season that had never happened in the history of the NFL. Rodgers and Roethlisberger that season were each sacked 50 times, yet both QBs compiled a QB Rating over 100, becoming the first signal-callers in history to be sacked 50 or more times with a 100+ QB Rating.

Following are the top 10 QB Ratings for those quarterbacks who were sacked 50 or more times in a season.

 Quarterback, team, season                                    Sacks              QB Rating

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 2009                                   50                       103.2

2. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh, 2009                           50                      100.5

3. Steve Bartkowski, Atlanta, 1983                                     51                         97.6

4. Ken O’Brien, NY Jets, 1985                                             62                         96.2

5. Steve Beuerlein, Carolina, 1999                                      50                        94.6

6. Tony Eason, New England, 1984                                   59                         93.4

7. Jeff George, Oakland, 1997                                             58                         91.2

8. Craig Morton, Denver, 1981                                           54                         90.5

9. Greg Landry, Detroit, 1976                                             55                         89.6

10. Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia, 1992                 60                        87.3

Note: Chicago’s Jay Cutler last season just missed cracking the Top Ten on this list. Cutler was sacked 52 times and compiled a QB Rating of 86.3, which places him 11th on this list.


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  1. Great stat. Logic would lead you to believe that with 50 sacks or more, a QB couldn’t possibly be productive. Not true. Maybe this is an indication that Rodgers and Roethlisberger and destined to become all time greats someday.

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