Major Leaguers with All-Star Game success but no Hall of Fame

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This year’s MLB All-Star Game will be played July 12. Over the years, this game has showcased some of the all-time greats in the game, including many Hall of Famers.

But in taking a look at those players who have been members of the AL or NL all-star teams in the most seasons, there are several players who have not been voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. In some cases, controversy may keep a few of these players out of the Hall for a long time. In other cases, many all-star game appearances does not seem to warrant a place in the Hall. As you look at the following lists, ask yourself, which of these players deserve Hall of Fame selection?

Following are those players not currently in the baseball Hall of Fame who have had the most seasons on an all-star team roster. (Active players listed in a separate list below.)

Player, last season                                                     All-Star Game seasons

Pete Rose, 1986                                                                                       17

Barry Bonds, 2007                                                                                 14

Ken Griffey, 2010                                                                                   13

Barry Larkin, 2004                                                                                12

Mark McGwire, 2001                                                                             12

Mike Piazza, 2007                                                                                  12

Roger Clemens, 2007                                                                            11

Bill Freehan, 1976                                                                                  11

Steve Garvey, 1987                                                                                10

Tom Glavine, 2008                                                                               10

Randy Johnson, 2009                                                                          10

(Seven players were on nine all-star team rosters: Elston Howard (1968), Davey Concepcion (1988), Fred Lynn (1990), Frank McCormick (1948), Ron Santo (1974), Gary Sheffield (2009) and Joe Torre (1977).

Active players with most All-Star Game seasons: Ivan Rodriquez (14), Alex Rodriquez (13), *Manny Ramirez (12), Derek Jeter (11), Mariano Rivera (11), Ichiro Suzuki (10).

* Ramirez was active at the beginning of the 2011 season


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