NBA coaches with the lowest winning percentage

The revolving door that is professional sports coaching has many stars and many victims. Take the NBA, for example… for every Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach, there are many NBA coaches who realized their life-long dream to be a head coach in the NBA but success did not come in the form of winning seasons or championships.

Following are the NBA coaches who have had the worst winning percentages in their coaching careers.

(Note: A minimum of 300 NBA games coached to qualify for the list)

NBA coach, years                                                   NBA games coached             Win pct

Sidney Lowe, 1993-2003                                                     307                               .257

Tim Floyd, 1999-2004                                                         321                               .280

Ron Rothstein, 1989-93                                                      328                               .296

Randy Wittman, 2000-2009                                             307                               .326

Richie Adubato, 1980-97                                                    367                               .346

Wes Unseld, 1988-94                                                          547                               .369

Garry St. Jean, 1993-2000                                                 450                              .382

Jack McKinney, 1980-85                                                    351                               .387

Tom Nissalke, 1973-84                                                        639                              .388

John Lucas, 1993-2003                                                      431                               .410


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