Bo knows All-Star Game hits… the Royals don’t!

Airman 1st Class Joseph Bowling (not pictured)...
Bo Jackson… Image via Wikipedia

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One of the most memorable moments in MLB All-Star Game history was on July 11, 1989 when Kansas City Royals outfielder Bo Jackson made a great defensive play in the top of the first inning saving two runs and then homered to lead off the bottom of that same inning. Jackson was later selected the game’s MVP and cemented his legend as one of sports’ greatest two-sport athletes.

But that game in 1989 was also notable for another reason, although not necessarily a positive note for Royals’ fans. In the bottom of the fourth, Jackson collected his second hit of the game, a single to center. What makes that hit noteworthy is that’s the last hit a member of the Royals has collected in an all-star game, a current streak of 21 seasons where Royals hitters has gone hitless in the all-star game.

In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers have had a similar batting drought. Since 2000, Brewers batters have only one hit in 24 all-star game at-bats, an anemic .042 batting average. Prince Fielder doubled in the 2009 game for their only hit since 2000.

Topping the list is Arizona with a .375 average; Yankee’s batters have the most hits, 20, since 2000.

Listed below are the batting averages of all MLB team hitters in all-star games since 2000.

 A.L. team, hits/at-bats, average     N.L. team, hits/at-bats, average

Chicago White Sox, 8-22, .364                 Arizona, 6-16, .375

Boston, 16-48, .333                                     N.Y. Mets, 13-39, .333

Toronto, 6-19, .316                                      St. Louis, 14-43, .326

Texas, 16-55, .291                                        Atlanta, 11-36, .306

N.Y Yankees, 20-69, .290                          L.A. Dodgers, 5-17, .294

Detroit, 7-25, .280                                       Chicago Cubs, 7-26, .269

Tampa Bay, 6-24, .250                               Houston, 6-23, .261

Baltimore, 4-17, .235                                   Philadelphia, 8-34, .235

Cleveland, 5-22, .227                                   Washington, 4-18, .222

Seattle, 9-41, .220                                        San Francisco, 4-20, .200

L.A. Angels, 6-31, .194                                Cincinnati, 3-15, .200

Minnesota, 5-26, .192                                 San Diego, 2-10, .200

Oakland, 1-7, .143                                        Florida, 6-36, .167

Kansas City, 0-7, .000                                Colorado, 4-25, .160

*****************                                        Pittsburgh, 2-17, .118

*****************                                       Milwaukee, 1-24, .042


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