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NFL scores that win

NFL Scoreboard

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All indications are that the NFL lockout is near an end. To get in the mood for some football, here’s a little stat that will get you thinking about the upcoming NFL season.

So… how many points does an NFL team need to score to win on a consistent basis? Looking at the 256 regular season games and the 11 playoff games from last season, here’s a breakdown of win-loss records when teams scored a certain number of points in a game.


0-9 points                                                                              2-52 .039

10-19 points                                                                         48-115 .294

20-29 points                                                                        92-84 .523

30-39 points                                                                       103-16 .866

40-49 points                                                                         20-0 1.000

50 points or more                                                                  2-0 1.000

Here’s a few additional stats:

* The most frequent score was 20 points; a team scored 20 points in 39 games. Next was 17 points, which was scored by 38 teams last year.

* Teams that scored 25 or more points in a game were 164-40, an .804 winning percentage.

* Teams that scored under 25 points usually had a losing record, but teams had winning records in four point totals under 25 points… teams were 3-1 when scoring 15 points; 8-5 when scoring 19 points; 4-2 when scoring 22 points; and 16-6 when scoring 23 points.

* Most points scored to lose a game last year was 36.

* Teams were 50-167 (.230) when they scored under 20 points.