The NFL’s winningest coaches… by the alphabet!

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher... Image via Wikipedia

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Not only did Jeff Fisher leave the Tennessee Titans after the 2010 season as their winningest coach, but he also left as the winningest coach in NFL history with the last name starting with “F.”

For a little light-hearted fun, here’s a look at the winningest coaches in NFL history… based on the alphabet. The only active coach on the list? San Diego’s Norv Turner who tops the “T” coaches with 103 wins.

A:     George Allen, 116

B:     Paul Brown, 213

C:     Bill Cowher, 149

D:     Tony Dungy, 139

E:     Weeb Ewbank, 130

F:     Jeff Fisher, 142

G:     Bud Grant, 158

H:     George Halas, 318

I:     Lindy Infante, 36

J:     Jimmy Johnson, 80

K:     Chuck Knox, 186

L:     Tom Landry, 250

M:     Jim Mora, 125

N:     Chuck Noll, 193

O:     Steve Owen, 151

P:     Bill Parcells, 172

Q:     (None)

R:     Dan Reeves, 190

S:     Don Shula, 328

T:     Norv Turner, 103

U:     Rube Ursella, 12

V:     Dick Vermeil, 120

W:     Bill Walsh, 92

X:     (None)

Y:     Swede Youngstrom, 4

Z:     Jim Zorn, 12


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