Patriots take lead in ‘NFL Team of the Century’ race!

New England Patriots helmet

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We are about 11-and-a-half NFL seasons in to the 21st century and the New England Patriots have opened up a 6 1/2 game lead in the race for the team of the century. Prior to the start of this season, the Pats had a slim one-game lead over Indianapolis for the best team since 2000, but the Colts 0-8 start this year has put some room between the Pats and Indy. On the NFC side, the Philadelphia Eagles have a four-game lead over the Green Bay Packers for the best record this century. Following are the records of the NFL teams since 2000.

New England                  131-52

Indianapolis                   125-59

Pittsburgh                      121-62-1

Philadelphia                   116-67

Green Bay                        112-71

Baltimore                        109-74

New York Giants           103-80

Tennessee                       101-82

Denver                              99-84

New Orleans                    99-85

San Diego                         98-85

Chicago                             96-87

New York Jets                 95-88

Tampa Bay                      93-90

Atlanta                            92-90-1

Minnesota                        92-92

Dallas                                91-92

Seattle                               91-92

Miami                               86-97

Jacksonville                     86-98

Kansas City                      84-99

Carolina                            83-101

San Francisco                  80-103

St. Louis                           79-104

Washington                     79-104

Cincinnati                        77-106

Buffalo                              75-108

Oakland                            74-109

Houston                           60-92

Arizona                             68-115

Cleveland                         67-116

Detroit                              54-130


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  1. Great post. Very interesting concept, Team of the Century.

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