Will the Patriots make a little history Sunday night? They hope not!

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The New England Patriots on Sunday night against the New York Jets will try to prevent something that hasn’t happened to them since 2002… losing three consecutive games in a season.

The last time New England lost three straight games in a season was 2002 when they lost consecutive games to San Diego, Miami, Green Bay and Denver. They then defeated Buffalo on November 3 to end the streak. Since then, they have lost two straight on four occasions, but have not lost a third straight since October 2002.

Fourteen NFL teams have already lost three consecutive games this season with Cleveland and Tampa Bay going into play this Sunday with two-game losing streaks and a chance to lose three straight in 2011.

Following is a list of the last time each of the 32 NFL teams lost three consecutive games in a season.

2002: New England

2007: Atlanta

2008: Green Bay

2009: Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans,  New York Giants, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay

2010: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, Tennessee

2011:: Arizona, Carolina, Denver, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Miami, Minnesota, New York Jets, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington


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  1. Very interesting. We mix stat info in with our articles but this is really informative.

    Nice Post!


    1. Thanks for the nice comments. I have checked out your blog and have bcome a subscriber. Good stuff!

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