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One game short of the Super Bowl

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Falling one game short of making the Super Bowl is a tremendous loss for any NFL team. Since the 1966 season when the Super Bowl made its debut, the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders franchise has been the NFL team that has been disappointed the most when it comes to falling one game short of the big game. The Raiders have lost nine championship games, most during this timeframe.

Following are the NFL teams which have lost the most championship games since the 1966 season, thus missing out on an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

Team                                                 Championship Game losses since 1966 season

Oakland/L.A. Raiders                                                                9

Dallas Cowboys                                                                           7

Pittsburgh Steelers                                                                      7

San Francisco 49ers                                                                    7

St.Louis/L.A. Rams                                                                    6

Cleveland Browns                                                                        5

Minnesota Vikings                                                                      5

Philadelphia Eagles                                                                    4

Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers                                           4

New York Jets                                                                              4

Chicago Bears                                                                              3

Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts                                                   3

San Diego Chargers                                                                    3