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10 facts you might not know about Green Bay’s last 10-0 team: 1962 Packers

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In honor of this year’s Packers‘ team that is off to a 10-0 start, here’s a look back at the last Green Bay team that started a season 10-0… the 1962 Packers.

1. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way… in 1962 the 10-0 Packers lost Game #11 to the Detroit Lions 26-14 in a Thanksgiving Day game. (With this year’s 10-0 Pack also playing the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, we’ll see if history repeats itself.) The ’62 Packers finished the season 13-1 and won the NFL Championship by defeating the New York Giants.

2. The Packers led the league in scoring with 415 points (29.6 pts/per game) and led the league by allowing only 148 points. They were first in the NFL in takeaways. They were averaging 30.9 points per game going into that Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions. (This year’s Pack is averaging 35.5 points per game going into Thursday’s contest.)

3. The 1962 Packers won all six of their preseason games that year.

4. After the loss to the Lions ended their winning streak, the Packers trounced the Los Angeles Rams the next week 41-10.

5. The 1962 Packers led the league with 31 interceptions (this year’s team leads the NFL with 19 interceptions). The ’62 defense held opposing quarterbacks to a league-low passer rating of 43.3.

6. Quarterback Bart Starr led the league with 2,438 passing yards. Running back Jim Taylor led the league with 1,474 rushing yards. Teammates have not led the league in passing yards and rushing yards since that season.

7. The 1962 team was one of four Green Bay teams to win 13 games in a season. The others: 1996 team (the Super Bowl champs), 1997 team (lost in the Super Bowl) and the 2007 team (lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game).

8. The ’62 Pack scored 36 TDs rushing and 14 via passes. (This year’s team has 31 TDs via pass, eight rushing touchdowns. This will be the 23rd consecutive year that the Packers have scored more TDs by passes than rushing in a season.) The 1962 defense allowed only four rushing touchdowns.

9. The Sporting News in early 2011 selected the “NFL’s 10 Greatest Teams” in the league’s history. The 1962 Packers were ranked fifth.

10. The only blemish to the 1962 season was the 26-14 loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. In some circles (more than likely in Detroit) that game is also known as “The Turkey Day Massacre.” The Pack trailed at halftime 23-0. In the loss, the offense only gained 122 total yards. They committed five turnovers. Quarterback Bart Starr was sacked 11 times in the game, eight in the first half.