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Packers lead the NFL ‘weapons’ race in 2011

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If you’ve watched any Packers games on TV this season you’ve probably heard more than one announcer mention that Aaron Rodgers has many offensive weapons at his disposal. Well, let’s quantify that statement with a stat.

The Packers lead the NFL this season with 12 players who have scored one or more touchdowns via run or pass reception. Here’s a look at how many “offensive weapons” each team has had cross the goaline in the 2011 NFL season:

12 players: Green Bay

11 players: Miami, Pittsburgh

10 players: Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Washington

9 players: Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Diego, Tennessee

8 players: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota, New York Giants, New York Jets, Seattle

7 players: Baltimore, Carolina, Dallas, New England, Tampa Bay

6 players: Arizona, Indianapolis

5 players: Jacksonville

4 players: St. Louis

Let’s take it one step further. The Packers also lead the league with the most players with five or more offensive TDs this season, 5 (Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, John Kuhn, Jermichael Finley and James Jones). Here are the teams that have three or more players with five or more offensive TDs this season.

5 players with five or more offensive TDs: Green Bay

4 players with five or more offensive TDs: Buffalo, New England

3 players with five or more offensive TDs: Cincinnati, Dallas, New Orleans, New York Giants

Note: For Packers fans, the 12 players who have scored a touchdown via run or pass reception and the five players with five or more offensive TDs are not team records. The 1987 Pack had 14 players score one or more TDs via run or pass reception; the 1984 team had six players who scored five or more offensive touchdowns.

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