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SIX STATS you might not know about… Super Bowl champs and Green Bay’s quest to repeat

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“SIX STATS…” is a bonus feature of Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ and is published every Friday.

1. The Packers have scored 20 or more points in each of their 12 games this season. If they score 20 or more points in their remaining four games and win the Super Bowl, they would become only the third Super Bowl champion in history to score 20 or more points in every regular season game during their Super Bowl season. The other two: St. Louis Rams, 1999; Los Angeles Raiders, 1983.

2. Green Bay has allowed 30 or more points in three of their wins in 2011. Should the Pack win the Super Bowl, they would become the first Super Bowl champs to win three regular season games when allowing 30 or more points. The 2007 New York Giants and the 1983 L.A. Raiders each allowed 30 or more points in five regular season games in the year they won the Super Bowl. The Giants lost all five of those games; the Raiders lost four of those five games.

3. Green Bay is 5-0 in home games this year. Should they defeat Oakland, Detroit and Chicago in their three remaining home games and go on to win the Super Bowl, they would become the 14th Super Bowl champ to go undefeated at home in the regular season. The last team to accomplish this feat? The Indianapolis Colts in 2006.

4. Green Bay is 7-0 in away games this year. If they defeat the Chiefs on December 18 in Kansas City and go on to win the Super Bowl, the Packers would become only the fifth Super Bowl champ to go undefeated on the road. The others? San Francisco (1989), San Francisco (1984), Washington (1982) and Miami (1972).

5. The Packers defense is currently ranked 17th in the league in defense. Of the 45 Super Bowl winners, only five teams had a defense ranked outside the Top 10. The worst ranked defense of a Super Bowl champion? The 2006 Indianapolis Colts “D” was ranked 23rd. Note: Of the past five Super Bowl winners, three were ranked outside the Top 10: (New Orleans, 2009 ranked #20; New York Giants, 2007, ranked #17; the Colts in 2006, ranked 23rd).

6. The Packers have allowed 262 points to the opposition this season after 12 games, an average of 21.8 points per game. If the Packers continue at this pace, they would give up 349 points for the season. Most points given up in the regular season by a Super Bowl champ? Indianapolis in 2006 with 360.