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Eagles are the kings of the NFL Wild Card… but not this year!

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In 1970, the National Football League added a new element to their playoffs: the wild card team. Since that season, every team except the Houston Texans has been a benefactor of a Wild Card berth.

Here’s a quick look at which teams have made the most playoff appearances as a Wild Card team since 1970.

11: Philadelphia

10: Tennessee

9: Dallas, New York Jets

8: Miami, St. Louis Rams

7: Washington, Denver, New York Giants, Minnesota,

6: Indianapolis, Buffalo, Oakland, Kansas City, Green Bay

5: Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore

4: Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Jacksonville

3: Tampa Bay

2: Arizona

1: Cincinnati, San Diego, Carolina

0: Houston Texans

Here’s a few more stats re: NFL Wild Card teams…

*     The Baltimore Ravens have been an AFC Wild Card in each of the last three seasons.

*     These teams have not been a Wild Card team in this century (year listed is their last apperarance as a Wild Card team): Cincinnati, 1975; Oakland, 1993; Chicago, 1994; San Diego, 1995; Arizona, 1998; New England, 1998; Detroit 1999; Buffalo, 1999.

*     These teams have had the most appearances as a Wild Card team in the NFL playoffs since 1990: Philadelphia (7), Green Bay (6), Miami (6), New York Jets (6).