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Rams kicker joins elite group; Packers look to avoid dubious distinction!

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With his 29-yard field goal on December 12 in the third quarter against the Seattle Seahawks, Rams kicker Josh Brown joined an elite group of kickers in NFL history. With that field goal, Brown became only the ninth kicker in NFL history to have 100 or more field goals with two different teams. Brown’s field goal gave him 100 with the Rams; he had made 116 field goals during a seven-year career as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. (Ironic that Brown made history against the Seahawks, the other team he kicked for in his career.)

Following are the nine kickers in NFL history who have made 100 or more field goals with two different teams.

Active kickers

Ryan Longwell… 226 with Green Bay; 133 with Minnesota (as of 12/24/11)

Adam Vinatieri… 263 with New England; 122 with Indianapolis (as of 12/24/11)

Josh Brown… 116 with Seattle; 102 with St. Louis (as of 12/24/11)

Retired kickers

Morten Andersen… 302 with New Orleans; 184 with Atlanta

John Carney… 261 with San Diego; 168 with New Orleans

Jim Turner… 151 with Denver; 153 with New York Jets

Gary Anderson… 309 with Pittsburgh; 109 with Minnesota

Matt Stover… 354 with Baltimore; 108 with Cleveland

Norm Johnson… 159 with Seattle; 105 with Pittsburgh

Packers look to avoid dubious distinction.

Through 15 games of the 2011 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers have gained 5,932 yards on offense and have given up 6,010. If the Pack finishes with more yards given up on defense than gained on offense, they will become the seventh team in NFL history to win 12 or more games and give up more yards than they gained. If they win their 15th game Sunday and finish the season with more yards given up than gained, they would become the first 15-win team to “accomplish” this feat; if they lose and finish with 14 wins and still have fewer yards gained than given up, they would become the second 14-win team with this dubious distinction in NFL history. Following are the teams with 12 or more wins who finished the season with more yards given up than gained.

Team, year                                      Offensive yards/Defensive yards

Denver, 1984 (12 wins)                                    4935/5687

Detroit, 1991 (12 wins)                                     4788/5046

Buffalo, 1993 (12 wins)                                     5260/5554

Chicago, 2001 (13 wins)                                   4694/4978

Philadelphia, 2003 (12 wins)                          5035/5307

New England, 2010 (14 wins)                         5820/5864

Note: It is possible that the Packers could be joined on this list by the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have 4653 yards of offense and have given up 4622, a slim difference of 31 yards after 15 games played this season. Stay tuned!

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