Peyton vs. Eli: A quick stats comparison

Eli Manning during a 2007 training camp
Eli Manning… Image via Wikipedia

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Sports radio has been buzzing over the last 24 hours with discussion about the Mannings. Part of the debate is whether or not Eli has surpassed Peyton as the better quarterback. I’m not going to offer my opinion on that discussion, but if you look at the stats below you will see a very distinct slant in their careers. While Peyton has four MVP Awards, many records and regular season stats that put him in an elite group, Eli has had a fairly non-descript regular season career, but his post-season numbers are not only better than his regular season stats, but in some cases, his playoff stats exceed Peyton’s. (Notice how Peyton’s numbers drop in the playoffs while Eli’s rise from the regular season to the playoffs)

Here’s a quick look at some select stats for both Peyton and Eli in regular season and postseason games.

******                                                PEYTON                                             ELI

Stat category                  Regular Season/Playoffs        Regular Season/Playoffs

Wins/losses as starter         141-67 (.678)/9-10 (.474)                69-50 (.580)/7-3 (.700)

Completion pct.                             64.9%/63.1%                                     58.4%/59.8%

QB Rating                                          94.9/88.4                                           82.1/87.5

TD/Interception Ratio      399-198 (2.02)/29-19 (1.53)         185-129 (1.43)/16-8 (2.00)

TDs per game                      399-208 (1.92)/29-19 (1.53)         185-120 (1.54)/16-10 (1.6)

Yards per pass attempt                     7.6/7.51                                            7.03/7.03


Did you know? Eli is 5-1 in road playoff games; Peyton is 2-5.



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