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A ‘Stats’ review of Super Bowl 46

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Before we close the book on the 2011 NFL season, here’s a few stat items from the New York Giants‘ Super Bowl win over New England.

* The New York Giants became the first Super Bowl champion that lost seven games during the regular season. Three teams had won the Super Bowl with six regular season losses: San Francisco in Super Bowl 23, the Giants in Super Bowl 42 and the Packers in Super Bowl 45. The Giants are the third team in Super Bowl history to win the title with less than 10 wins. The others: Green Bay in 1967, who were 9-4-1, and the 1982 Washington Redskins, who won the Super Bowl in that strike-shortened season after an 8-1 regular season.

* The NFC has now scored first in 13 of the last 18 Super Bowls.

* The 9-7 Giants over the 13-3 Patriots was the fourth time that a Super Bowl team with three-plus fewer regular season wins than their Super Bowl opponent has won the title. The others: 1967 Packers (9-4-1) over the Oakland Raiders (13-1); 2001 New England Patriots (11-5) over the St. Louis Rams (14-2); and 2007 Giants (10-6) over the Patriots (16-0).

* Eli Manning became the 11th quarterback to win two or more Super Bowls, joining Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with four; Tom Brady and Troy Aikman with three; and John Elway, Roger Staubach, Bob Griese, Ben Roethlisberger, Bart Starr and Jim Plunkett with two.

* Brady became the seventh quarterback to lose multiple Super Bowls. Joining Brady with two losses are Staubach, Kurt Warner and Craig Morton. Elway and Fran Tarkenton lost three, and Buffalo’s Jim Kelly lost four Super Bowls.

* The Patriots became the fourth team in Super Bowl history to lose four or more Super Bowl games. Denver, Minnesota and Buffalo have also lost four Super Bowls.

* The Giants, now with four Super Bowl wins, joined Pittsburgh (6), Dallas (5), San Francisco (5) and Green Bay (4) as the NFL franchises that have won four or more Super Bowls.

* The Giants defense, which was ranked 25th in the NFL based on points, became the lowest ranked defense (based on points) to win a Super Bowl.

* The Giants defense, which was ranked 27th in yards allowed, became the lowest ranked defense (based on yards allowed) to win a Super Bowl.

* The Giants became only the fourth team in history to win a Super Bowl after losing three straight games in the regular season. The others: Baltimore, 2000; Pittsburgh, 2005; and New Orleans, 2009.

* The Giants became the ninth team in history to win the Super Bowl after losing their first game of the season.

* The Giants ranked 17th in the league during the regular season in point differential (points scored minus points allowed). They are now the lowest ranked team in point differential to win a Super Bowl. They are only the second team to win a Super Bowl that did not rank in the Top 10 in point differential during the regular season. The other team? The 2007 New York Giants.

* The Washington Redskins defeated the Super Bowl champion Giants twice in the 2011 regular season. This was the sixth time in history that a team defeated the Super Bowl champs twice in the regular season. The other times: 1969-Oakland defeated champion Chiefs twice; 1983-Seattle defeated champion Raiders; 1995-Washington defeated champion Cowboys; 2002-New Orleans defeated champion Tampa Bay Bucs; 2007-Dallas defeated champion Giants.