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SIX STATS you might not know about… Archie Manning

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Archie Manning, circa 1969... Image via Wikipedia

“SIX STATS…” is a bonus feature of Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ and is published every Friday.

Over the past several weeks, the Manning boys, Peyton and Eli, have garnered a little ink and publicity for on-the-field (in Eli’s case) and off-the-field (in Peyton’s case) activities. Here’s a change of pace for those of you who might be tired of all the talk about Peyton and Eli… a few stats about their dad, Archie, a pretty darn good QB in his day.

1. Archie made 139 starts as a quarterback in his 13-year NFL career. As a starter, he was 35-101-3. In his 10 years with the New Orleans Saints, the Saints had nine losing seasons and finished at .500 only once. Both Peyton and Eli won 42 games in their first five years in the league; Archie won only 15 in his first five seasons. Archie made eight starts with the Houston Oilers and two starts with the Minnesota Vikings in brief stints with those teams at the end of his career; he did not win any of those starts with the Oilers or Vikings.

2. Archie finished his career with a passer rating of 67.1. His best season passer rating was 81.8. Peyton’s career passer rating is 94.9; Eli’s is 82.1.

3. Of the three Manning QBs, Archie has the most rushing TDs with 18. Peyton has 17, Eli only four rushing touchdowns.

4. Archie led the league in most times sacked in three seasons. The most times Peyton has been sacked in a season is 29; the most Eli has had in a season is 30. Archie was sacked 35 or more times in six seasons.

5. Archie threw 32% of his TD passes in the fourth quarter. Eli has thrown 33.5% of his TD passes in the fourth quarter; Peyton has thrown 23.3% of his TD passes in the fourth quarter. Of Archie’s 125 TD passes, 21 (16.8%) were for 40 yards or more. Of Eli’s 185 TD passes, 14.6% were 40 yards or longer. Of Peyton’s 399 TD passes, 14.3% were 40 yards or more.

6. Archie was sacked 396 times in 151 games, an average of 2.6 per game. Peyton has been sacked an average of 1.1 times per game; Eli has been sacked an average of 1.6 times per game. Archie ranks 11th on the all-time sacked list.

6b. Both Peyton and Eli have played in two Super Bowls, with Peyton winning one and Eli winning a pair. Archie never played in an NFL postseason game.