NBA teams last appearance in conference finals

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Last season Oklahoma City faced off against Dallas in one conference finals and the Miami Heat played the Chicago Bulls in the other conference championship series. In the 2010 NBA playoffs, four different teams played in the conference championship series… Boston, the Lakers, Orlando and Phoenix.

Following are the longest droughts for NBA teams playing in a conference final series.

Last time in conference finals… team

1970… Atlanta

Never (franchise began 1970-71)… L.A. Clippers

1976… Golden State

1979… Washington

Never (franchise began in 1988-89)… New Orleans Hornets

Never (franchise began in 1995-96)… Memphis and Toronto

1997… Houston

2000… New York Knicks and Portland

2001… Milwaukee and Philadelphia

2002… Sacramento

2003… New Jersey Nets

2004… Indiana and Minnesota

Never (franchise began in 2004-05)… Charlotte

2007… Utah

2008… Detroit and San Antonio

2009… Cleveland and Denver

2010… Boston, L.A. Lakers, Orlando and Phoenix

2011… Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Oklahoma City


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