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Miss the NBA playoffs two years in a row? Not the Spurs!

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One of the most amazing stats in the NBA is that the San Antonio Spurs have never gone two consecutive years without making the playoffs since they came in to the league in 1976-77.

Equally as impressive are the Los Angeles Lakers who last missed the NBA playoffs in back-to-back seasons in 1976.

Following are the teams that have had the longest time since missing the playoffs in two consecutive seasons.

Team, Last time they missed playoffs in two consecutive seasons

San Antonio                            Never

Los Angeles Lakers               1975-76

Phoenix                                   1987-88

Dallas                                       1999-2000

Miami                                      2002-03

Denver                                     2002-03

Chicago                                    2003-04

Cleveland                                 2004-05

Utah                                         2005-06

Orlando                                   2005-06

Note: The Detroit Pistons missed the playoffs last season, the first time they missed the NBA playoffs in consecutive seasons since 1994-95.