Who’s hot, who’s not going in to the NCAA men’s Div. I basketball tourney

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Listening to a few sports talk radio stations today, much conversation is centering around the NCAA Division I men’s basketball brackets and who’s hot (and who’s not). Looking at the 68 teams in this year’s tournament, here’s a few stats that focus on team records over the past 10 games.

These tournament teams have gone undefeated in their last 10 games or have lost only one in their last 10 contests

10-0: Belmont, Montana

9-1: Detroit, Kansas, Kentucky, Lehigh, Long Island, Memphis, Mississippi Valley State, Murray State, New Mexico State, Norfolk State, North Carolina, South Dakota State, Syracuse, Vermont, Virginia Commonwealth, Wichita State.

These tournament teams are .500 or under in their last 10 games:

4-6: Florida, Virginia, West Virginia

5-5: Connecticut, North Carolina State, Southern Mississippi, UNLV

Did you know? Both Belmont and Montana come into the tournament with 14-game winning streaks, longest of the 68 teams in the tournament. Two teams, Lehigh and South Dakota State come into the tourney with eight-game winning streaks, and four teams are heading into the tourney with seven-game winning streaks: Creighton, Memphis, Murray State, Norfolk State.

Did you know? Of the 68 teams in the tournament, 18 had losing streaks of three or more games during the season. Mississippi Valley State had a four-game losing streak and a seven-game losing streak this season. In fact, they were 1-11 after their first 12 games of the season. Western Kentucky had losing streaks of five, four and three games in their season. Vermont was the only other team to lose five or more straight games this season of the 68 tourney teams.

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