NCAA men’s Division 1 basketball tourney seed matchups for the first round

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The NCAA men’s Division I basketball tourney begins tomorrow with first round games on Thursday and Friday. Here’s a look at how the seed matchups have played out in the first round in the past 10 tournaments (2002-2011).

Seed matchups in the First Round, higher seed won-lost record

#1 vs. #16          40-0

#8 vs. #9            22-18

#5 vs. #12          24-16

#4 vs. #13          31-9

#6 vs. #11          25-15

#3 vs. #14          37-3

#7 vs. #10          25-15

#2 vs. #15          40-0


2 responses

  1. Great research, Jerry.

    I do have one question: Every round, but one, the games total 40 games.

    However, #7 vs. #10 shows a 25-25 record.

    Is this correct; if not what is the correct W-L record?



    1. Thanks Tex. It should read 25-15. I’ve since made the correction. Good catch! I guess when you look at so many numbers throughout the day, they all start to look the same. Thanks for reading! Jerry

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