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SIX STATS you might not know about… the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker during spring...

Former Cubs skipper Dusty Baker... Image via Wikipedia

“SIX STATS…” is a bonus feature of Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’

1. The Cubs made the playoffs in the first full season of a new manager three times since 1984. They went to the playoffs in 1984 in Jim Frey‘s first year; in 2003 in Dusty Baker‘s first season; and in 2007 in Lou Piniella‘s first year as Cubs’ skipper. Can they do the same in Dale Sveum’s first year at the helm?

2. In the last 28 seasons, the Cubs have won 85 or more games eight times. They made the playoffs in six of those seasons. The two years when they did not make the playoffs after winning 85 or more games? In 2001 they won 88 games; in 2004 they won 89 games.

3. The Cubs are one of only two franchises to have played in 20,000 or more major league games. Can you name the other franchise? Answer at the end of the blog.

4. Five players played 2,000 or more games with the Cubs: Ernie Banks (2528), Cap Anson (2277), Billy Williams (2213), Ryne Sandberg (2151) and Ron Santo (2126).

5. Here’s a few “last times”… Last time Cubs player won the N.L. MVP was 1998 (Sammy Sosa)… Last time a Cubs pitcher won the N.L. Cy Young Award was in 1992 (Greg Maddux)… Last time a Cubs rookie won the N.L. Rookie of the Year Award was 2008 (Geovany Soto)… Last time a Cubs reliever won the N.L Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year Award was in 1993 (Randy Myers)… Last time a Cubs manager won the N.L. Manager of the Year Award was in 2008 (Lou Piniella)..

6. The Cubs won 71 games last season. Since 1996, the Cubs have won fewer than 70 games in the season. Here’s how well they did after those five sub-70 win seasons.

1997: 68 wins (they won 90 games the next season)

1999: 67 wins (they won 65 games the next season)

2000: 65 wins (they won 88 games the next season)

2002: 67 wins (they won 88 games the next season)

2006: 66 wins (they won 85 games the next season)

Answer to item #3: The Atlanta Braves franchise has played 20,215 games in the majors. The Cubs have played 20,250. The Cubs and Braves are the two remaining charter members of the National League.