Which MLB team (if any) will lose 100 games this season?

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Houston Astros logo

Houston Astros logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last season the Houston Astros were the only team to lose 100 or more games in the majors. It was, however, the first time in the team’s history that they lost over 100 games in a season since they began playing in the National League in 1962.

The 2011 MLB season was the fourth consecutive year that at least one team lost 100 or more games. In the past 30 seasons, we have had 33 different teams lose 100 or more games; there have been 10 seasons since 1982 where no team has lost 100 or more games in a season.

Here’s a look at each of the 30 MLB teams and the last time they lost 100 or more games in a season.

Team, Last season they lost 100+ games (losses that year)

St. Louis… 1908(105)

New York Yankees… 1912(102)

Los Angeles Angels… (Have never lost 100+; franchise began in 1961)

Philadelphia… 1961(107)


Chicago Cubs… 1966(103)

Chicago White Sox… 1970(106)

Texas… 1973(105)

Oakland… 1979(108)

Toronto… 1979(109)

Cincinnati… 1982(101)

Minnesota… 1982(102)

San Francisco… 1985(100)

Atlanta… 1988(106)

Baltimore… 1988(107)

Cleveland… 1991(105)

Colorado… (Have never lost 100+; franchise began in 1993)

New York Mets… 1993(103)

San Diego… 1993(101)

Miami… 1998(108)

Milwaukee… 2002(106)

Detroit… 2003(119)

Arizona… 2004(111)

Kansas City… 2006(100)

Tampa Bay… 2006(101)

Washington… 2009(103)

Pittsburgh… 2010(105)

Seattle… 2010(101)

Houston… 2011(106)

So what are the chances of the Astros having a “better” season in 2012? Of the 30 teams that lost 100 or more games in a season from 1982-2011 and then played a full compliment of games the next season (162 games) 26 of those 30 teams lost fewer games the following season. Only five of those teams also lost 100 or more games the following season. Here’s a snaphot look at the six teams that lost 100 or more games in the past 30 seasons that had the biggest improvement the next season. (Note: Five of the 30 teams actually had a winning record the year after they lost 100+ games)

Team, 100+loss season, next year, difference

Baltimore… 107 losses in 1988; 75 losses in 1989 = 32-loss difference

Detroit… 119 losses in 2003; 90 losses in 2004 = 29-loss difference

Arizona… 111 losses in 2004; 85 losses in 2005 = 26-loss difference

Detroit… 109 losses in 1996; 83 losses in 1997 = 26-loss difference

Cleveland… 102 losses in 1985; 78 losses in 1986 = 24-loss difference

Seattle… 101 losses in 2008; 77 losses in 2009 = 24-loss difference

Which team is most likely to join the 100-loss club this season? Since 1982, the average team to lose 100 or more games in a season lost 89.4 games the previous season. Last season, the Colorado Rockies were the only team to lose 89 games. If they were to lose 100 or more games in 2012, it would be the first time in their history.


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