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San Francisco’s Matt Cain loses out on no-hit bid; last time each MLB team was no-hit

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Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants warming ...

Matt Cain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Francisco pitcher Matt Cain pitched a one-hitter last night against the Pittsburgh Pirates, giving up a sixth-inning single to James McDonald. Had Cain tossed a no-hitter against the Pirates, it would have ended the second-longest active timeframe since a team has been no-hit. The last time the Pirates were held hitless in a game was on August 14, 1971 when they were no-hit by St. Louis’ Bob Gibson.

Following is the last time each MLB team was no-hit.

National League, last time team was no-hit (pitcher)

Chicago Cubs… 9-9-1965 (Sandy Koufax, LA Dodgers)

Pittsburgh… 8-14-1971 (Bob Gibson, St. Louis)

Philadelphia… 4-16-1978 (Bob Forsch, St. Louis)

St. Louis… 6-29-1990 (Fernando Valenzuela, LA Dodgers)

NY Mets… 9-8-1993 (Darryl Kile, Houston)

LA Dodgers… 4-8-1994 (Kent Mercker, Atlanta)

Colorado… 9-17-1996 (Hideo Nomo, LA Dodgers)

Washington (as Montreal Expos)… 7-18-1999 (David Cone, NY Yankees)

San Francisco… 4-27-2003 (Kevin Millwood, Philadlephia)

Arizona… 9-6-2006 (Anibal Sanchez, Florida)

Milwaukee… 6-12-2007 (Justin Verlander, Detroit)

Houston… 9-14-2008 (Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs)

San Diego… 7-10-2009 (Jonathan Sanchez, San Francisco)

Atlanta… 4-17-2010 (Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado)

Miami (as Florida Marlins)… 5-29-2010 (Roy Halladay, Philadelphia)

Cincinnati… 10-6-2010 (Roy Halladay, Philadelphia)

American League, last time team was no-hit (pitcher)

Oakland… 7-13-1991 (four different Baltimore pitchers)

Boston… 4-22-1993 (Chris Bosio, Seattle)

Seattle… 5-14-1996 (Dwight Gooden, NY Yankees)

Minnesota… 5-7-1998 (David Wells, NY Yankees)

LA Angels… 9-11-1999 (Eric Milton, Minnesota)

NY Yankees… 6-11-2003 (six different Houston pitchers)

Texas… 4-18-2007 (Mark Buehrle, Chicago White Sox)

Baltimore… 9-1-2007 (Clay Buchholz, Boston)

Kansas City… 5-19-2008 (Jon Lester, Boston)

Tampa Bay… 6-25-2010 (Edwin Jackson, Arizona)

Detroit… 7-26-2010 (Matt Garza, Tampa Bay)

Chicago White Sox… 5-3-2011 (Francisco Liriano, Minnesota)

Toronto… 5-7-2011 (Justin Verlander, Detroit)

Cleveland… 7-27-2011 (Ervin Santana, LA Angeles)