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Steve Novak, Knicks designated 3-point shooter, makes a little NBA history

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Steve Novak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Knicks Steve Novak this year led the NBA in three-point shooting percentage with a .472 mark. He also accomplished a couple other milestones this season:

* He became the 10th player in NBA history to make 130 or more three-point shots in a season but not start a single game for his team that year.

* Novak became only the second player in NBA history to have more than 80 percent of his field goal made in the season be three-pointers. He made 133 three pointers this season and only 28 two-point shots.

Following are the NBA players who had a season where more than 65 percent of their field goals made were from beyond the three-point arc.

Player, team, year… 3-pt shots made/total FGs made, Pct of 3-pt

James Jones, 2010-11, Miami… 123/146     84.2 percent

Steve Novak, 2011-12, NY Knicks… 133/161     82.6 percent

Damon Jones, 2007-08, Cleveland… 115/151     76.2 percent

Damon Jones, 2005-06, Cleveland… 140/190     73.7 percent

James Posey, 2005-06, Miami… 117/159     73.6 percent

Dee Brown, 1998-99, Toronto… 135/187     72.2 percent

Kyle Korver, 2004-05, Philadelphia… 226/317     71.3 percent

Matt Bonner, 2011-12, San Antonio… 105/154     69.2 percent

Damon Jones, 2004-05, Miami… 225/331     68.0 percent

Steve Novak, 2008-09, LA Clippers… 119/176     67.6 percent

Walter McCarthy, 2003-04, Boston… 137/203     67.5 percent

Kyle Korver, 2011-12, Chicago… 118/178     66.3 percent

Did you know? Novak is one of only eight players in NBA history who made 100 or more three-point shots in a season and averaged under 20 minutes played per game that year.

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