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Will April success bring October glory for Rangers and Dodgers?

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Josh Hamilton

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The Texas Rangers have been on the losing end of the last two World Series. Based on their start this season, they have every intention of getting back to the Fall Classic for a third straight season. The Rangers top the majors with a 17-5 record, tying their second best April in team history (April, 1989) and one win behind their best April of 18 wins in 1998. In the National League, the L.A. Dodgers top the league with a 16-7 mark.

Will this April success lead to October glory for these two teams? Here’s a few stats re: April records since 2000:

* Of the 27 teams that either tied for or had the best April record in their league since 2000, 15 of them made it to the playoffs that year.

* Of the 96 teams that made the playoffs from 2000-2011, 70 (72.9 percent) had a winning percentage of .500 or better in April in the season they made the playoffs.

* Of the 24 teams that played in the World Series since 2000, 19 of them (79.2 percent) had a winning record in April of their World series season. Of the 12 World Champions since 2000, 10 had a winning record in April.

Here’s a look at the teams that had the best April records in both the American League and National League from 2000-2011, and the April records of the teams that faced off in the World Series that year.

2012 AL: Texas 17-5; NL: Los Angeles 16-7

2011 AL: Cleveland 18-8 (did not make playoffs); NL: Philadelphia 18-8 (made playoffs). World Series teams: St. Louis 16-11 vs. Texas 16-11

2010 AL: Tampa Bay 17-6 (made playoffs); NL: San Diego/St. Louis 15-8 (both did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Philadelphia 12-10 vs. Texas 11-12

2009 AL: Toronto 15-9 (did not make playoffs); NL: St. Louis 16-7 (made playoffs) World Series teams: N.Y. Yankees 12-10 vs. Philadelphia 11-9

2008 AL: L.A. Angels 18-11 (made playoffs); Arizona 20-8 (did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Philadelphia 15-13 vs. Tampa Bay 15-12

2007 AL: Boston 16-8 (made playoffs); Atlanta/Milwaukee 16-9 (both did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Boston 16-8 vs. Colorado 10-16 (Note: The Red Sox are the last team to have the majors best April record and go on to win the World Series that year.)

2006 AL: Chicago White Sox 17-7 (did not make playoffs); NL: Cincinnati/St. Louis 17-8 (Cards made playoffs, Reds did not) World Series teams: St. Louis 17-8 vs. Detroit 16-9

2005 AL: Chicago White Sox 17-7 (made playoffs); NL: St. Louis 15-7 (made playoffs) World Series teams: Chicago White Sox 17-7 vs. Houston 9-13

2004 AL: Boston 15-6 (made playoffs); NL: Florida 15-8 (did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Boston 15-6 vs. St. Louis 12-11

2003 AL: N.Y. Yankees 21-6 (made playoffs); NL: San Francisco 19-7 (made playoffs) World Series teams: Florida 14-15 vs. N.Y. Yankees 21-6

2002 AL: Seattle 20-5 (did not make playoffs); NL: Cincinnati 16-9 (did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Anaheim 11-14 vs. San Francisco 15-11

2001 AL: Seattle 20-5 (made playoffs); NL: Chicago Cubs 15-9 (did not make playoffs) World Series teams: Arizona 13-12 vs. N.Y. Yankees 14-12

2000 AL: Chicago White Sox 17-8 (made playoffs); NL: Atlanta 18-6 (made playoffs) World Series teams: N.Y. Yankees 15-8 vs. N.Y. Mets 16-10

Did you know? The St. Louis Cardinals finished this April with a 14-8 record. They have now had a winning record in April in five straight season, the longest current streak. In the A.L., the New York Yankees finished April, 2012 with a 13-9 record, giving them four straight seasons with a winning April, tops in the league.

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