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2012 NBA Playoffs: Scoring 35 or more points at age 35+ in the playoffs

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Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Utah Jazz Kar...

Karl Malone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A handful of older players (age 35 or older) are on the rosters of the teams remaining in the NBA playoffs. In fact, a few of those players play predominant scoring roles for their teams, including Boston’s elder statesmen Kevin Garnett (he will turn 36 on May 19) and Ray Allen (age 36), and San Antonio’s Tim Duncan (he just turned 36 in April). Could any of these three (or any other 35+ player) light up the scoreboard with 35 or more points at age 35-plus in this year’s playoffs?

Karl Malone at age 36 and 273 days, is the oldest player to score 50 points in an NBA playoff game.

Here’s a look at the players who have scored 35 or more points at age 35 (or older) in the last 25 playoffs (since 1986 playoffs).

Most playoff points by player 35 years of age and older (age), team, date

50: Karl Malone (36) Utah, 4/22/2000

45: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 6/14/98

41: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 5/19/98

41: Reggie Miller (35) Indiana, 4/24/2001

39: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 4/24/98

38: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 4/29/98

37: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 6/5/98

36: Alex English (35) Denver, 4/30/89

35: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 5/3/98

35: Michael Jordan (35) Chicago, 5/29/98

35: Reggie Miller (35) Indiana, 4/28/2001

If we drop the point total down to 30 points in a playoff game, here’s a look at the players age 35+ who scored 30 points or more in the most playoff games in the last 25 years.

Most playoff games (1986-2011) with 30+ points at age 35+, Player(s)

14: Michael Jordan

6: Reggie Miller

5: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone

1: Ray Allen, Charles Barkley, Sam Cassell, Alex English, Eddie Johnson, Kevin McHale, Steve Nash, Clifford Robinson

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