A sports first! Reigning champs Packers (NFL), Mavs (NBA), Bruins (NHL) lose in 2012 first-round playoffs

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English: Rick Carlisle with the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers lost their first playoff game to the New York Giants. Then the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins lose their first-round series to the Washington Capitals four games to three. Finally, the defending NBA champs, the Dallas Mavericks, were swept in a four-game first-round series to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Put it all together and it was the first time in sports history that the defending NFL, NHL and NBA champions were all defeated the following year in the first-round of the playoffs. (If baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals make the 2012 MLB playoffs and are defeated in their first-round series, we’ll have a clean sweep of defending champs in the first round of the playoffs in 2012.)

Following is a look at each of the football, basketball and hockey champions since 1970 that were defeated in their first-round playoff the following season after their title (Year listed is the year they won the Super Bowl or the NBA, NHL championship, followed by their first-round loss in the playoffs the following season.)

National Football League (10)

2011-Green Bay Packers: Lost 37-20 to NY Giants in divisional playoff game

2010-New Orleans Saints: Lost 41-36 to Seattle in Wild Card playoff game

2008-NY Giants: Lost 23-11 to Philadelphia in divisional playoff game

2007-Indianapolis: Lost 28-24 to San Diego in divisional playoff game

2000-St. Louis Rams: Lost 31-28 to New Orleans in Wild Card playoff game

1995-San Francisco: Lost 27-17 to Green Bay in divisional playoff game

1986-Chicago: Lost 27-13 to Washington in divisional playoff game

1985-San Francisco: Lost 17-3 to NY Giants in Wild Card playoff game

1984-LA Raiders: Lost 13-7 to Seattle in Wild Card playoff game

1974-Miami: Lost 28-26 to Oakland in divisional playoff game

National Basketball Association (6)

2011-Dallas: Lost 4-0 to Oklahoma City in Western Conference first-round series

2006-Miami: Lost 4-0 to Chicago in Eastern Conference first-round series

1999-San Antonio: Lost 3-1 to Phoenix in Western Conference first-round series

1983-Philadelphia: Lost 3-2 to NJ Nets in Eastern Conference first-round series

1980-LA Lakers: Lost 2-1 to Houston in Western Conference first-round series

1977-Portland: Lost 4-2 to Seattle in Western Conference semifinals (they had a bye in the first round)

National Hockey League (12)

2011-Boston: Lost 4-3 to Washington in the conference quarterfinals

2010-Chicago: Lost 4-3 to Vancouver in the conference quarterfinals

2007-Anaheim: Lost 4-2 to Dallas in the conference quarterfinals

2004-Tampa Bay: Lost 4-1 to Ottawa in the 2006 conference quarterfinals (no 2005 season due to season cancelled)

2003-NJ Devils: Lost 4-1 to Philadelphia in conference quarterfinals

2002-Detroit: Lost 4-0 to Mighty Ducks in conference quarterfinals

1993-Montreal: Lost 4-3 to Boston in conference quarterfinals

1973-Montreal: Lost 4-2 to NY Rangers in quarterfinals

1972-Boston: Lost 4-1 to NY Rangers in quarterfinals

1971-Montreal: Lost 4-2 to NY Rangers in quarterfinals

1970-Boston: Lost 4-3 to Montreal in quarterfinals

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