76ers, Pacers & Clippers finally win playoff series

Doug Collins, coach of the Philadelphia 76ers ...

Doug Collins, 76ers coach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Clippers exorcised some serious NBA playoff demons with their first-round series wins in this year’s playoffs. The 76ers had not won a playoff series since 2003 when they defeated the New Orleans Hornets in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. For the Pacers, their last playoff series win was in 2005. The Clippers last won a playoff series in 2006 when they ousted the Denver Nuggets in the first round.

Here’s a look at which teams now have the longest droughts for winning a playoff series.

Last year they won a playoff series, team(s)

2000: New York Knicks, Portland

2001: Milwaukee, Toronto

2004: Minnesota, Sacramento

2005: Charlotte (the Bobcats have not won a playoff series since they entered the NBA in 2004-05)

2005: Washington

2007: Golden State, New Jersey Nets

2008: Detroit, New Orleans

2009: Denver, Houston

2010: Cleveland, Orlando, Phoenix, Utah

2011: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Memphis

Of the eight remaining teams in the playoffs, here’s a look at the last time they advanced to the conference finals, the last year they played in the NBA finals, and the last year they won an NBA title.

Team, last year in conference finals, last year in NBA finals, last NBA title

Boston: 2010… 2010… 2008

Indiana: 2004… 2000… Never

Los Angeles Clippers: Never… Never… Never

Los Angeles Lakers: 2010… 2010… 2010

Miami: 2011… 2011… 2006

Oklahoma City: 2011… 1996 (as Seattle)… 1979 (as Seattle)

Philadelphia: 2001… 2001… 1983

San Antonio: 2008… 2008… 2007

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