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NBA Playoffs: Analyzing the Tony Parker-Russell Westbrook matchup with 10 stats

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Tony Parker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spurs and Thunder begin play in their Western Conference Finals tonight in San Antonio. One of the key matchups is at point guard where San Antonio’s Tony Parker will take on OKC’s Russell Westbrook. The two teams played three times during the regular season with the Spurs winning two of three. Parker averaged 23.7 in the three games while Westbrook was close behind with a 22.3 PPG. Although Westbrook outscored Parker in two of the three games, Parker had 42 in the Spurs’ February 4 win.

Here’s a look at some more stats from Spurs-Thunder games (and Parker-Westbrook matchups) in the past four seasons.

1. Since Westbrook came into the league in 2008, the two teams have played 14 games. The Spurs have won 10; the Thunder has won four. The Spurs were 5-2 at home and 5-2 in OKC.

2. Parker has had much better shooting games when the two teams have played. Parker has a field goal percentage of .493 in 13 games against the Thunder (he missed a game between the two teams in 2010) while Westbrook’s shooting percentage in 14 games against the Spurs is .373. Parker, however, is shooting .516 in games they won over the Thunder and only .429 in games lost to the Thunder.

3. Westbrook has a slightly better assists-to-turnover ratio when they two teams have faced off. Westbrook has 89 assists and 35 turnovers (2.54 ratio) while Parker had 80 assists and 38 turnovers (2.11 ratio).

4. Parker has averaged 20.2 PPG in 13 games against the Thunder in the last four years. Westbrook is averaging 16.3 in 14 games against the Spurs.

5. In the 13 games where the two players have faced each other, Parker has outscored Westbrook in seven of those games. When Parker outscores Westbrook the Spurs are 6-1.

6. When Westbrook gets 13-16 shots in a game against the Spurs, the Thunder are 4-2. When he takes more than 20 shots in a game against the Spurs, the Thunder are 0-4.

7. When Parker scores 20 or more points against OKC, the Spurs are 6-1.

8. When Westbrook commits three or more turnovers in a game versus the Spurs, the Thunder have lost all six games. When Parker commits two or fewer turnovers in a games against the Thunder, San Antonio is 3-1.

9. When Westbrook has 10 or more assists in a game against the Spurs, OKC is 2-1. When Parker has nine or more assists against the Thunder, the Spurs are 4-0.

10. Parker has averaged 18.6 PPG in home games against the Thunder in the past four seasons, 22.0 in games at OKC. Westbrook has averaged 17.6 PPG in home games against the Spurs since he came into the league, 15.0 in games in San Antonio.

Research Source: www.basketball-reference.com

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