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NBA Playoffs: OKC Thunder 30-point teammates loss a rarity

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Have a pair of teammates light up the scoreboard for 30-plus points and you’d expect a win from that team. Not last night!

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a pair of players score 30 points in last night’s loss to San Antonio. Kevin Durant led the way with 31 and reserve James Harden added 30. It was the third time in this season’s playoffs that teammates scored 30 points in a game.

In the last five postseasons, there have been 13 cases where teammates scored 30 or more points in the same game. Teams have won 10 and lost only three in those games.

In addition to the pair of 30-point scorers, the Thunder also had Russell Westbrook contribute 27 points. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Durant, Harden and Westbrook became the first set of teammates all to score 25 or more points in a 48-minute playoff game since 1995. The last trio to accomplish this feat? Houston’s Kenny Smith (32), Clyde Drexler (30) and Hakeem Olajuwon (27) in the Rockets’ first-round win over the Utah Jazz.

Note: Last night’s game was not the first time Durant and Westbrook each scored 30 and the team lost. It also happened in last season’s playoffs in a loss to Denver.

The last playoff game in which the two teams facing each other each had a pair of teammates score 30 or more points was April 20, 2008 when the Lakers and Nuggets each had a pair of 30-point scorers in the game. The Lakers won that contest.

Following are the teammates that scored 30 or more points in a playoff game over the past five seasons.

Team, Date, 30-point teammates (points), Game Result

Oklahoma City Thunder, May 29, 2012: Kevin Durant (31), James Harden (30). Loss to San Antonio.

Miami Heat, May 20, 2012: LeBron James (40), Dwyane Wade (30). Win over Indiana.

Oklahoma City, May 19, 2012: Russell Westbrook (37), Durant (31). Win over L.A. Lakers

Miami, May 11, 2011: Wade (34), James (33). Win over Boston.

Oklahoma City, May 9, 2011: Westbrook (40), Durant (35). Win over Memphis.

Oklahoma City, April 25, 2011: Durant (31), Westbrook (30). Loss to Denver.

Boston Celtics, April 22, 2011: Paul Pierce (38), Ray Allen (32). Win over N.Y. Knicks.

Oklahoma Cty, April 17, 2011: Durant (41), Westbrook (31). Win over Denver.

Los Angeles Lakers, May 10, 2010: Pau Gasol (33), Kobe Bryant (32). Win over Utah.

Denver Nuggets, May 9, 2009: Chauncey Billups (32), Carmelo Anthony (31). Win over Dallas.

San Antonio Spurs, May 8, 2008: Manu Ginobili (31), Tony Parker (31). Win over New Orleans Hornets.

Denver, April 20, 2008: Anthony (30), Allen Iverson (30). Loss to L.A. Lakers.

L.A. Lakers, April 20, 2008: Gasol (36), Bryant (32). Win over Denver.

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