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Brewers lead majors in extra-inning games played; on pace to break team record

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The Brewers lead the majors with 13 extra-inning games played so far in 2012; the Baltimore Orioles top the AL with 11. The Brewers have a 6-7 record in those games. (Note: Three of the last six games the Brewers played prior to the All-Star break were extra-inning games.)

The team is on pace to break the team record for most extra-inning games played in a season. In 2000, the Brewers played 22 extra-inning games; they are on pace to play 23 this season. They are also on pace to win 11 extra-inning games, which would give them the third most extra-inning wins in a season. They won 13 in 2000 and 12 games in extra frames in 2008. (They also won 11 in 1996.)

While the Brewers are tied with the Philadelphia Phillies this season with the second most extra-inning losses, seven, the Houston Astros lead the majors with eight extra-inning losses, In fact, the Astros are 0-8 in extra-inning games this season.

For the record, the Boston Red Sox hold the MLB record for most extra-inning games played in a season with 31 in 1943.

Following is a look at the Top 5 seasons in which the Brewers had the most extra-inning games.

Year, number of extra-inning games, record in those games (season record)

2000: 22, 13-9 .591 (73-89, .451; finished 3rd in NL Central)

2008: 20, 12-8 .600 (90-72, .556; finished 2nd in NL Central, made playoffs as Wild Card)

1976: 19, 8-11 .421 (66-95, .410; finished 6th in AL East)

1982: 19, 5-14 .263 (95-67, .586; finished first in AL East; lost in the World Series)

1973: 18, 7-11 .389 (74-88, .457; finished 5th in AL East)

Here’s a few more interesting stats regarding the Brewers play in extra inning games since 2000.

* Since 2000, the Brewers have played 184 extra-inning games. They have won 88 and lost 96, a .478 winning percentage.

* Of those 184 games, they have played 93 of them at home and 91 on the road. They are 45-48 (.484) in extra-inning games at home and 434-48 (.473) in those games on the road.

* If the game went 12 innings or more, the Brewers were 23-27 in those games since 2000, a .460 winning percentage. If the game ended in the 10th or 11th inning, the Brewers were 65-69 (.485).

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