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Ryan Braun climbs ladder of Brewers multiple-HR game list

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Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ryan Braun had a pair of home runs in the Brewers 10-7 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates last night.

It was Braun’s 16th career multi-HR game and the fourth this season. The Brewers are 4-0 this season in games in which Braun hits two or more home runs, and they have won the last seven games in which Braun has had multiple home runs. It is also the third multiple home run game for Braun in the his last 21 games.

For those of you wondering if Braun’s 16 multi-HR games is a team record, the answer is no. Braun’s 16 ranks him third in team history behind Prince Fielder with 22 and Gorman Thomas with 19 multi-HR games.

Following is a look at the Brewers players who have hit two or more home runs in five or more games with the Brewers.

22: Prince Fielder

19: Gorman Thomas

16: Ryan Braun

14: Robin Yount, Cecil Cooper, Greg Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz

13: Corey Hart

12: Rob Deer, Richie Sexson

11: Dave Nilsson

10: Geoff Jenkins, Ben Oglivie

9: Don Money

7: George Scott

6: John Jaha, Johnny Briggs

5: Paul Molitor, Rickie Weeks, Sixto Lezcano

The Brewers have won 12 and lost four in games in the 16 games in which Braun has hit multiple home runs. Of those players who have five or more multi-HR games as a Brewer, following is a look at the team record in the games in which those players hit two or more homers.

Lezcano: 5-0, 1.000

Fielder: 19-3, .864

Scott: 6-1, .857

Briggs: 5-1, .833

Nilsson: 9-2, .818

Jenkins: 8-2, .800

Molitor: 4-1, .800

Cooper: 11-3, .786

Burnitz: 11-3, .786

Braun: 12-4, .750

Deer: 9-3, .750

Sexson: 9-3, .750

Oglivie: 7-3, .700

Thomas: 13-6, .684

Money: 5-4, .556

Vaughn: 7-7, .500

Jaha: 3-3, .500

Hart: 6-7, .462

Yount: 6-8, .429

Weeks: 1-4, .200

Braun’s four multi-HR games in 2012 puts him within reach of the team record for most multiple home run games in a season. Brewers Hall of Famer Robin Yount holds that record with seven in 1982. In fact, Yount had 14 career multi-HR games, with half of them coming in the ’82 season. Here’s a look at the players who hit two or more home runs in five or more games in a season for the Brewers.

Multi-HR games, Player, Year

7: Robin Yount, 1982

6: Gorman Thomas, 1982; Richie Sexson, 2001

5: Prince Fielder, 2007; Prince Fielder, 2009; Jeromy Burnitz, 2001

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