Albert Pujols becomes 72nd player to reach 1,400 RBIs

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Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Angels Albert Pujols on August 1 became the 72nd player in major league history to collect 1,400 RBIs in a career.

Pujols, through games of August 5, now has 469 career home runs and 1,405 RBI. He has collected 100 or more RBIs in 10 of his 11 seasons, and looks like he is on pace to have over 100 RBIs this season. He did win a National League RBI title in 2010 with the Cardinals when he drove in 118 runs. His best RBI season was in 2006 when he had 137 runs batted in.

Pujols becomes the 16th member of the 1,400-RBI Club that has had 10 or more 100+RBI seasons.

Following are the players with 1,400 or more career RBI who had the most 100-RBI seasons in their careers.

100+ RBI seasons: Players

14: Alex Rodriguez

13: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx

12: Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Al Simmons, Goose Goslin

11: Hank Aaron, Frank Thomas

10: Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Rafael Palmeiro, Vladimir Guerrero, Joe Carter, Albert Pujols

At the other end of the list are the seven players who accumulated 1,400 or more career RBIs but had three or fewer 100+ RBI seasons. They are:

100+ RBI seasons: Players

2: Tris Speaker

3: Harold Baines, Al Kaline, Billy Williams, Rusty Staub, George Davis, Robin Yount

Forty-six of the 72 players with 1,400+ career RBI won one of more league RBI title in their career. Of the 26 in the group that did not win an RBI title, Hall of Famer Willie Mays had the most career RBIs with 1903. Here are the 10 players who had the most career RBIs and no RBI title.

Career RBIs, Player

1,903: Willie Mays

1,835: Rafael Palmeiro

1,704: Frank Thomas

1,695: Cal Ripken, Jr., Jim Thome

1,676: Gary Sheffield

1,652: Tony Perez

1,628: Harold Baines

1,609: Chipper Jones

1,596: George Brett

One final stat… with players collecting 1,400 or more career RBIs, you would assume that most of these players would be big power hitters who have a ton of home runs to their credit. Fifty-six of the 72 players have 300+ HRs to go with their 1,400+ RBIs. Of the 16 players with under 300 home runs and 1,400+ RBIs, George Davis, who played from 1890-1909 and was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1996 by the Veteran’s Committee, had only 73 career HRs to go with 1,440 RBIs. Here’s a look at the players who had less than 300 career HRs to go with their 1,400 or more career RBIs.

Player, Career HRs, Career RBIs

George Davis: 72 HR, 1,440 RBI

Nap Lajoie: 82 HR, 1,599 RBI

Jake Beckley: 87 HR, 1,578 RBI

Cap Anson: 97 HR, 2,075 RBI

Sam Crawford: 97 HR, 1,525 RBI

Honus Wagner: 101 HR, 1,733

Ed Delahanty: 101 HR, 1,466 RBI

Ty Cobb: 117 HR, 1,938 RBI

Tris Speaker: 117 HR, 1,529 RBI

Joe Cronin: 170 HR, 1,424 RBI

Harry Heilmann: 183 HR, 1,539 RBI

Charlie Gehringer: 184 HR, 1,427 RBI

Jim Bottomley: 219 HR, 1,422 RBI

Goose Goslin: 248 HR, 1,609 RBI

Robin Yount: 251 HR, 1,406 RBI

Rusty Staub: 292 HR, 1,466 RBI

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