Green Bay Packers: How many points do they need to score to win a game?

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Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Ph...

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Green Bay have played 104 games in the past six seasons, winning 63 and losing 33 in the regular season (a .656 winning percentage) and going 5-3 in playoffs games since 2006. (Overall record of 68-36, .654 winning percentage).

Was there any number of points scored by the Packers in the past six seasons that guaranteed victory for the Packers? No.

The Packers lost three games where they scored 30 or more points in a game. The three:

November 30, 2008: Lost 35-31 against Carolina in Green Bay.

December 20, 2009: Lost 37-36 against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

January 10, 2012: Lost 51-45 to the Cardinals in Arizona in a Wild Card game.

The Packers went 42-3 (.933 winning percentage) in games in which they scored 30 or more points since 2006. Since that playoff loss to the Cardinals in January 2010, the Packers have gone 18-0 in games when they score 30 or more points.

Here’s a look at the Packers win-loss record in the 104 games they played since 2006 when they scored various ranges of points.

Points scored, win-loss record (winning percentage)

0-4 points scored: 0-3 (.000)

5-9 points scored: 2-2 (.500)

10-14 points scored: 1-4 (.200)

15-19 points scored: 5-6 (.455)

20-24 points scored: 8-11 (.421)

25-29 points scored: 10-7 (.588)

30-34 points scored: 22-1 (.957)

35-39 points scored: 8-1 (.889)

40-44 points scored: 2-0 (1.000)

45-49 points scored: 10-1 (.909)

Here’s a few more interesting stats about the Packers points scored in their last six seasons (2006-2011, the last 104 games).

* The Packers scored 27 points nine times and 31 points nine times, the most frequent points scored since 2006.

* Green Bay was 3-9 (.250 winning percentage) when they scored 14 points or less.

* The Packers were 16-26 (.381 winning percentage) when they scored less than 25 points in a game; they were 52-10 (.839) when they scored 25 or more points.

* The Packers were 8-15 (.348 winning percentage) when they scored less than 20 points.

* In the three playoff games lost since 2006, the Packers scored 31, 45 and 21 points.

* In the five playoff games they won since 2006, the Packers scored 42, 21, 48, 21 and 31 points.

* In seven of their last eight losses, the Packers have scored under 21 points in that game.

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