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Packers receivers past and present get in the end zone

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English: Green Bay Packer Wide Receiver Jordy ...

Jordy Nelson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last season two players in the National Football League scored on 20 percent of more of the passes they caught:

Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson caught 68 passes, 15 going for touchdowns (22.1 percent), and Dallas’ Laurent Robinson, who had 11 touchdowns and 54 receptions, a 20.4 percentage.

Going into last season, Nelson had six touchdowns and 100 receptions in his first three seasons with the Packers. Last year’s breakout season for Nelson included 1,263 yards receiving and a career-high three TDsĀ in the season finale against the Lions. His 15 TDsĀ last season rank third in team history for most receiving TDs in a single season.

Following are the five receivers last season who had 18 percent or more of their receptions go for touchdowns. (Minimum of 30 receptions to qualify for the list.) Note another Packers receiver, James Jones ranked fourth on the list.

Player, Team, Receiving TDs/Receptions, Percentage

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay: 15/68 (22.1 percent)

Laurent Robinson, Dallas: 11/54 (20.4 percent)

Rob Gronkowski, New England: 17/90 (18.9 percent)

James Jones, Green Bay: 7/38 (18.4 percent)

Eric Decker, Denver: 8/44 (18.2 percent)

Only one player in NFL history caught 20 percent of more of his career passes for touchdowns. Packers legend Don Hutson caught 488 career passes, 99 for touchdowns, a 20.3 percentage. Hutson had 30 or more receptions in 10 of his 11 seasons and had four seasons where 20 percent or more of his receptions that year went for touchdowns.

Following are the NFL receivers who caught the highest percentage of their career receptions for TD (minimum of 350 career receptions to qualify for the list).

Player, Career Years, Receiving TDs/Receptions, Percentage

Don Hutson, 1935-45: 99/488 (20.3 percent)

Paul Warfield, 1964-77: 85/427 (19.9 percent)

Bob Hayes, 1965-75: 71/371 (19.1 percent)

Sonny Randle, 1959-68: 65/365 (17.8 percent)

Tommy McDonald, 1957-68: 84/495 (17.0 percent)

Art Powell, 1959-68: 81/479 (16.9 percent)

Mike Quick, 1982-90: 61/363 (16.8 percent)

Jimmy Orr, 1958-70: 66/400 (16.5 percent)

Pete Pihos, 1947-55: 61/373 (16.4 percent)

Wesley Walker, 1977-89: 71/438 (16.2 percent)

Dante Lavelli, 1946-56: 62/386 (16.1 percent)

Randy Moss, 1998-active: 153/954 (16.0 percent)

Lance Alworth, 1962-72: 85/542 (15.7 percent)

Gene Washington, 1969-79: 60/385 (15.6 percent)

Elroy Hirsch, 1946-57: 60/387 (15.5 percent)

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