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Randy Wolf not getting W’s in his Brewers starts

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Randy Wolf pitchin...

Randy Wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Brewers starting pitcher Randy Wolf made his 23rd start of the season on Tuesday as the Brew Crew lost to Colorado, 8-6. Wolf lasted five innings giving up 10 hits and six earned runs. He was the losing pitcher and saw his record drop to 3-9 for the season.

In his 23 starts in 2012, Wolf also has one relief appearance and 11 no decisions to go along with his 3-9 win-loss record. The team is 4-7 in those 11 no decision games. For the season, the Brewers are 7-16 in games started by Wolf.

Wolf is currently one of 11 pitchers in Brewers history to win fewer than five games with 20 or more starts. Whether he stays in this group will be determined based on if he remains in the rotation and if he can pick up a few more wins as the season draws to a close.

Following is a look at the Brewers pitchers who made 20 or more starts in a season and had the fewest wins.

Pitcher, season, Wins, Starts

Randy Wolf, 2012: 23 starts, 3 wins

John Snyder, 2000, 23 starts, 3 wins

Victor Santos, 2005: 24 starts, 4 wins

Cal Eldred, 1998: 23 starts, 4 wins

Chris Bosio, 1990: 20 starts, 4 wins

Bill Wegman, 1986: 32 starts, 5 wins

Skip Lockwood, 1970: 26 starts, 5 wins

Chris Capuano, 2007: 25 starts, 5 wins

Dave Bush, 2009: 21 starts, 5 wins

Jim Slaton, 1981: 21 starts, 5 wins

Bobby Bolin, 1970: 20 starts, 5 wins

Wolf is not the only MLB starting pitcher to have less than five wins this season with 20 or more starts under their belt. In addition to Wolf, Kevin Millwood, Seattle (4 wins, 23 starts); Mike Leake, Cincinnati (4 wins, 22 starts); Cliff Lee, Philadelphia (2 wins, 20 starts) and Francisco Liriano, Chicago White Sox (3 wins, 20 starts) are also current members of this rare club.

If we move the qualifier to fewest wins with 30 or more starts in a season, Wegman tops the list with his five wins in the 32 starts he made in 1986. Seven Brewers pitchers made 30 or more starts in a season and won less than 10 games. The seven:

Year, Pitcher, Starts, Wins

2010: Dave Bush (31 starts, 8 wins)

2009: Jeff Suppan (30 starts, 7 wins)

1986: Bill Wegman (32 starts, 5 wins)

1984: Moose Haas (30 starts, 9 wins)

1983: Don Sutton (31 starts, 8 wins)

1976: Jim Colburn (32 starts, 9 wins)

1974: Clyde Wright (32 starts, 9 wins)

In looking at the past 12 MLB seasons, there were eight pitchers who finished the season with five or fewer wins with 30-plus starts. They were:

2010: Kevin Millwood, Baltimore (4 wins, 31 starts)

2008: Zach Duke, Pittsburgh (5 wins, 31 starts)

2007: Edwin Jackson, Tampa Bay (5 wins, 31 starts)

2005: Zack Greinke, Kansas City (5 wins, 33 starts); Jose Lima, Kansas City (5 wins, 32 starts); Mark Redman, Pittsburgh (5 wins, 30 starts)

2004: Ryan Franklin, Seattle (4 wins, 32 starts)

2002: Tanyon Sturtze, Tampa Bay (4 wins, 33 starts)

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