Aaron Rodgers ‘leading rusher’ not uncommon for Packers

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Aaron Rodgers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the Packers leading rusher last night in their 27-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Rodgers scored on a pair of runs and had 52 yards on six carries.

While coach Mike McCarthy may not want to see Rodgers name sitting atop the team’s rushing stats on a regular basis, Rodgers has been the team’s top runner in a handful of games since he took over the starting QB position in 2008.

Following are the games since 2008 when Rodgers has been the team’s leading rusher.

Date, Yards gained, opponent (game outcome)

November 1, 2009: 52 yards vs. Minnesota (lost game)

November 28, 2010: 51 yards vs. Atlanta (lost game)

December 12, 2010: 25 yards vs. Detroit (lost game)

January 2, 2011: 21 yards vs. Chicago (won game)

December 4, 2011: 32 yards vs. New York Giants (won game)

January 15, 2012 (playoff game): 66 yards vs. New York Giants (lost game)

In addition, in the 62 regular-season games that Rodgers has started since ’08, the Packers QB has been the second-leading rusher in 18 of those contests. He was also the second-leading rusher in the January 23, 2011 playoff game against the Bears.

Rodgers two TDs rushing were not the first time in his career that he scored twice via runs in the NFL. Rodgers had a pair of rushing touchdowns in an October 2, 2011 49-23 win over Denver.

Here’s a couple more stats about Rodgers running prowess:

* The Packers are 13-10 in games when Rodgers gains 25 or more yards on the ground.

* The Packers are 9-9 in games when Rodgers scores a touchdown rushing.

* Rodgers 52 yards on the ground yesterday matches his regular-season high game for rushing yards. He had 52 yards rushing in two regular-season games: November 11, 2009 vs. the Vikings; November 6, 2011 against the Chargers. His career best are the 66 yards he gained on the ground in their playoff loss to the Giants last year.

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  1. Great blog. It makes sense that the Packers have won only 3 more games (13-10) when Rodgers is the leading rusher. After all, that means the running backs are not doing their job. The QB can’t carry the entire load.

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