Jonathan Lucroy adds another 7-RBI game to his season and career

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Jonathan Lucroy

Jonathan Lucroy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy drove in seven runs on Thursday in the Brewers 12-11 loss to the Cubs. This was the second time in Lucroy’s career that he had seven RBI in a contest (the other time was on May 20 this season). The seven RBIs in a game ties the team record.

Lucroy is one of six Brewers players who has driven in seven runs in a game. The others: Corey Hart, Damian Miller, Richie Sexson, Jose Hernandez and Ted Kubiak.

A player driving in seven or more runs in a game has happened 563 times in the majors since 1918. Lucroy accomplishing this feat in the Brewers loss was only the 33rd time since the 1918 season that a player had seven-plus RBI in a game where his team lost.

Lucroy also became the 95th player since the ’18 season to have multiple career games with seven or more RBIs.

Following are the players who had the most games in their careers (from 1918-2012) with seven or more runs batted in.

Games with 7+ RBI, Players

9: Lou Gehrig

6: Ted Williams

5: Joe DiMaggio, Jimmie Foxx, Alex Rodriguez

4: Garret Anderson, Jason Giambi, Ralph Kiner, Dave Kingman, Babe Ruth

3: Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench, Orlando Cepeda, Andres Galarraga, Babe Herman, Gil Hodges, Reggie Jackson, Bob Johnson, Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, Gee Walker, Bernie Williams

Lucroy also became the 20th player since 1918 (three accomplished it twice in their career) to drive in seven or more runs in a game twice in the same season. Following are those players, starting with those players who most recently accomplished this feat:

2012: Jonathan Lucroy

2009: Derrek Lee

2006: Cody Ross

2000: Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez

1996: Andres Galarraga

1995: Mike Blowers

1994: Kirby Puckett

1977: Jim Spencer

1974: Ron Cey

1970: Brant Alyea

1951: Ralph Kiner

1950: Walt Dropo, Ralph Kiner

1940: Joe DiMaggio

1938: Jimmie Foxx, Bob Johnson

1936: Gee Walker

1934: Lou Gehrig

1933: Jimmie Foxx

1931: Rogers Hornsby

1930: Lou Gehrig (three games)

1929: Babe Ruth

Here’s a couple more interesting stats:

* Lucroy was batting fourth in the Brewers batting order when he had seven RBIs on May 20. Of the 536 times when a player drove in seven or more runs in a game, that player was batting fourth in the order 154 times, most of the nine batting order spots. When Lucroy had seven RBIs last Thursday, he was batting fifth in the order. The individual player in that spot in the order has driven in seven or more runs in a game 112 times, second-most of the batting positions. The batting position with the fewest games with seven-plus RBIs? The ninth spot. It has happened only nine times.

* Lucroy was the first Brewers player to have seven or more RBI in a game twice in a career. He was also the first Brewers player to have seven-plus RBI game in a loss.

* Lucroy is one of 48 catchers since 1918 to drive in seven or more runs in a game. He is one of only five catchers to do it twice in a career. The others: Bill Dickey, Johnny Bench, Ramon Hernandez and Smoky Burgess.

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