NFL preview: 10 stats you might not know about the Cowboys vs. Giants series

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Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

Tony Romo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants tonight open the 2012 National Football League schedule. Here’s a look at a few stats revolving around their previous matchups.

1. Dallas holds a 56-42-2 series advantage in the previous 100 games between the two teams. The Giants have won seven of the last nine games dating back to January 13, 2008, and five of the last six games. New York has won three of the last four games played at home. New York has won 16 of the 25 games between the two since 2000.

2. Four of the last six games have been decided by a touchdown or less. In the last 10 games between the two teams, the team that scored 30 or more points has won eight and lost three.

3. In the last six contests, the Giants have scored first in four of those games. They have also held the halftime lead in four of the last six games.

4. Both teams have committed 11 turnovers in the last six games. The Giants had zero turnovers in two of those six games.

5. Tony Romo’s last win against the Giants was on December 14, 2008. Although he is 0-5 in his last five starts against the Giants, Romo has performed well in the last five contests. He has thrown for 11 TDs and had only four interceptions. His QB Rating in the last five matchups is 102.3. Last season Romo was 50-for-68 in the two losses with six touchdowns and one interception, and a QB Rating of 124.

6. In the last six games between the two teams, Eli Manning completed 145 of 226 passes with 15 TDs and seven interceptions. His QB Rating over those six games was 101.5. He averaged just under 333 yards per games in those six games.

7. In the last six games the Giants scored on nine plays from scrimmage of 20 yards or more. Dallas scored on six such plays.

8. New York was 3-1 in the four games that they had more running yards than the Cowboys. The Cowboys lost both games in which they gained more yards on the ground than the Giants. The Giants threw for more yards than the Cowboys in five of the last six games.

9. In the last six matchups, the Giants have sacked Dallas QBs 14 times. The Cowboys had only four sacks in the last six games.

10. Let’s end with a trivia question: In the Giants-Cowboys series since the 2000 season (25 games, 24 regular season and one playoff game), which player has scored the most total points for the Giants and which player has scored the most points for the Cowboys? Two placekickers top the list: For the Giants, Lawrence Tynes had 79 points in Giants-Cowboys games since 2000; for Dallas, kicker Billy Cundiff had 59 points in the series from 2000-11.

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