Eight stats you need to know about Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football begins its 43rd season tonight with a pair of games: Cincinnati at Baltimore and San Diego at Oakland. Here are eight stats you need to know about the past 42 seasons of MNF.

Best winning percentage: The Seattle Seahawks have the best winning percentage on MNF games with a 17-8 record (.680 winning percentage). In addition to Seattle, only three other teams have a winning percentage better than .600 on MNF: Indianapolis (.656), Pittsburgh (.629) and San Francisco (.621). The two opponents in tonight’s late game, San Diego and Oakland, both have a winning record on MNF: Oakland is 37-25-1 (.595 winning percentage) and San Diego is 20-17 (.541 winning percentage).

Worst winning percentage: The Houston Texans have played only four games on MNF since they came into the league in 2002. They have the worst MNF winning percentage at .250 (one win and three losses). The four worst MNF records: Houston (.250), Atlanta (.273), Arizona (.310) and Cincinnati (.321).

Consecutive years with at least one win on MNF (active): The New England Patriots have the current longest streak of wins on MNF. The Pats have won at least one MNF in ten straight seasons (they did not play on MNF in 2001). Following New England are San Diego and New Orleans, both of which have won at least one MNF game for six straight seasons. The Bears have won a MNF game in four straight years. New England will look to increase their streak to 11 seasons when they make their only MNF appearance of the year on December 10 against the Texans.

Longest win drought (active) on MNF: The Buffalo Bills have the longest drought without a MNF win. The Bills have not won a MNF game since 1999. The St. Louis Rams are next on the list as they have not won on MNF since 2004. The Bills will not get a chance to break the streak this year since they are not scheduled for a Monday night contest. The Rams also do not have a MNF game this year.

Most consecutive years on MNF (active): The Denver Broncos have the longest current streak of appearances on MNF with 20 consecutive years. That streak increases to 21 when the Broncos play a pair of MNF games September 17 against Atlanta and October 15 versus the San Diego Chargers. The Green Bay Packers are right behind the Broncos with 19 straight years of MNF games. The Pack returns to MNF with their 20th straight season of MNF games on September 24 when they face the Seattle Seahawks.

Consecutive years with at least one loss on MNF (active): Not only have the Broncos made an appearance on MNF for 20 straight years, but they also hold the current streak of consecutive years with a loss on MNF. Denver has lost at least one game on MNF in five straight seasons. Both Minnesota and Washington are close behind as they have both lost at least one game on MNF in four straight years.

Most MNF wins: Three teams have won 40 or more games in the history of MNF: Dallas (43), San Francisco (41) and Miami (40).

Most MNF losses: Six franchises have lost 30 or more games on MNF: Miami (38), Denver (35), Chicago (34), Washington (34), New York Giants (32) and Dallas (30).

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