NFL offense efficiency: Each team’s POP Score

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The Atlanta Falcons not only defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 40-24 in their season opener, but the Falcons offensive unit takes the lead in the NFL weekly POP Score Rankings.

POP Score is based on the simple premise that it is the offensive team’s objective to score a touchdown (or at the least, kick a field goal) in each possession. POP Score stands for Points per Offensive Possession.

Here’s how it works: The Falcons had nine possessions in their game. On four of the possessions, they scored a touchdown. On four of their possessions they kicked a field goal. They punted once. They scored 24 points on their four TDs (extra points are not included in Pop Score); 12 points on their four field goals.

The Atlanta offense scored 36 points on nine possessions. By dividing the 36 points by the nine possessions, you get a POP Score of 4.0. Maximum POP Score is 6.0, which would indicate that a team scored a touchdown every time they had an offensive possession.

The 8/9 you see in parenthesis indicates how many times each team’s offense scored a TD or FG in their possessions in the game (the Falcons scored eight of the nine times their offense had the ball).

One note: At the end of the first half and the end of the game, there is the possibility that a team will have possession, but they will make little effort to score. Their goal is just to run out the clock. In those cases, a team is not given a possession.

Each week I’ll post the running total for each team’s POP Score and their POP Score for the previous game.

Team, POP Score (offensive scores/possessions)

1. Atlanta: 4.0 (8/9)

2. Baltimore: 3.67 (7/9)

3. New York Jets: 3.33 (6/9)

4(tie) Washington: 3.00 (8/12)

4(tie) Chicago: 3.0 (7/12)

4(tie) Denver: 3.0 (4/7)

7(tie) New England: 2.67 (5/9)

7(tie) Buffalo: 2.67 (4/9)

9. Dallas: 2.63 (4/8)

10. San Francisco: 2.45 (6/11)

11(tie) San Diego: 2.33 (6/9)

11(tie) Kansas City: 2.33 (4/9)

13. Houston: 2.25 (6/12)

14. Pittsburgh: 2.25 (4/8)

15. Detroit: 2.18 (5/11)

16. Minnesota: 2.0 (6/12)

17. Jacksonville: 1.91 (5/11)

18. New York Giants: 1.88 (3/8)

19. New Orleans: 1.75 (4/12)

20(tie) St. Louis: 1.67 (4/9)

20(tie) Tampa Bay: 1.67 (4/9)

22. Arizona: 1.64 (4/11)

23(tie) Oakland: 1.33 (3/9)

23(tie) Tennessee: 1.33 (3/9)

25. Seattle: 1.25 (4/12)

26. Green Bay: 1.2 (2/10)

27. Cincinnati: 1.09 (3/11)

28. Philadelphia: 1.07 (3/14)

29. Indianapolis: 1.0 (2/12)

30. Carolina: 0.9 (2/10)

31. Cleveland: 0.64 (3/14)

32. Miami: 0.27 (1/11)

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