Ryan Braun’s 200th career HR will open door to exclusive clubs

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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With his next home run, Ryan Braun will become the sixth player in Brewers history to hit 200+ HRs as a Brewer. The current 200-HR club for the franchise: Robin Yount (251), Prince Fielder (230), Geoff Jenkins (212), Gorman Thomas (208) and Cecil Cooper (201).

If you add in Braun’s 119 career stolen bases with the club, he will become only the second player in Brewers history to have 200 home runs and 100 stolen bases with the franchise. Yount is currently the only member of that group with his 251 home runs and 271 steals.

Could there be any other current players who might be joining Yount (and Braun) in the near future on the 200-100 list? There are two possibilities: Corey Hart has 151 home runs and 83 stolen bases with the Brewers, and second baseman Rickie Weeks has the 100-100 tag on his resume with 126 homers and 112 steals. Longevity, staying healthy (and staying with the team) will determine whether or not they join Yount and eventually Braun in the Brewers 200-100 club.

Following are the franchises that have players who collected 200+HRs and 100+ stolen bases with the franchise.

Baltimore: Brady Anderson

Boston: Carl Yastrzemski

Detroit: Lou Whitaker, Al Kaline

Kansas City: George Brett

Milwaukee: Robin Yount

Minnesota: Kirby Puckett

New York Yankees: Bernie Williams, Babe Ruth, Alex Rodriguez, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Lou Gehrig

Oakland: Reggie Jackson, Jose Canseco

Seattle: Ken Griffey, Jr.

Atlanta: Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Hank Aaron

Chicago Cubs: Sammy Sosa, Ryne Sandberg

Cincinnati: Frank Robinson, Eric Davis

Colorado: Larry Walker, Dante Bichette

Houston: Jimmy Wynn, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell

New York Mets: David Wright, Daryl Strawberry

Philadelphia: Mike Schmidt

San Francisco: Willie Mays, Barry Bonds

St. Louis: Ray Lankford

Washington: Vladimir Guerrero, Andre Dawson

If we move the criteria to 200+ home runs and 200+ stolen bases, there are only 13 players in MLB history that have reached those numbers with a franchise: The members of the 200-200 club with a franchise are:

Player, Team, Home Runs/Stolen Bases

Brady Anderson, Baltimore, 209/307

George Brett, Kansas City, 317/201

Robin Yount, Milwaukee, 251/271

Derek Jeter, N.Y. Yankees, 254/348

Hank Aaron, Atlanta, 733/240

Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs, 282/344

Eric Davis, Cincinnati, 203/270

Craig  Biggio, Houston, 291/414

Jeff Bagwell, Houston, 449/202

Willie Mays, San Francisco, 646/336

Barry Bonds, San Francisco, 586/263

Ray Lankford, St. Louis, 228/250

Andre Dawson, Washington, 225/253

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