Will Brewers end season with a trio of players with 30-plus steals?

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Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night’s boxscore showed the Brewers did not have a stolen base in their 8-1 win over the Reds. Big deal, right?

But with seven games left in the 2012 season, keep an eye on that stat as the season draws to a close: If Nori Aoki can steal two more bases to reach 30 for the season and Ryan Braun can swipe a base to give him 30 for the year, the pair would join fellow outfielder Carlos Gomez (35) with 30 or more steals in the season. It would be only the second time in Brewers history that three teammates stole 30 or more bases in the same season. The other time it happened was in 1992 when Pat Listach (54), Darryl Hamilton (41) and Paul Molitor (31) each reached the 30-steal mark that season.

If Aoki and Braun can reach the 30-steal mark, it would be the first time a team has had three teammates with 30-plus steals in the National League since 1999 when both Cincinnati and Houston did it. The Brewers would become the first MLB team to accomplish this feat since 2009 when the Tampa Bay Rays had three players with 30-plus swipes.

Four times in Brewers history the team had two players who had 30 or more stolen bases in a season: 2003 (Scott Podsednik and Eric Young), 2002 (Young and Alex Sanchez), 1989 (Paul Molitor and Mike Felder) and 1987 (Molitor and Felder).

If we drop the number down to 25 steals in a season, there have been several teams that had three (or more) teammates reach that mark in a season; in fact it happened 85 times from 1974-2012 (including the Brewers this year). Following are the teams that had three or more teammates with 25 or more steals in a season.

Seasons with three or more teammates with 25-plus steals (1974-2012), Team(s)

11: Houston

8: St. Louis

7: Washington (Montreal), Oakland

5: Cincinnati

4: N.Y. Mets, Toronto

3: Philadelphia, San Diego, Kansas City, N.Y. Yankees

2: Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, Colorado, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, L.A. Angels, Baltimore, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland, Seattle, Texas

1: Miami, L.A. Dodgers, Detroit, Minnesota, Tampa Bay

0: Arizona, San Francisco, Boston

Note: From 1920-1973, only two teams had three or more teammates steal 25-plus bases in a season, the 1943 Chicago White Sox and the 1923 Chicago Cubs.

For the record, the Brewers have had a player steal 25 or more bases in a season 28 times. Leading the way is Molitor, who accomplished this mark nine times. Tommy Harper did it in three seasons, and five other players (Young, Felder, Listach, Braun and Podsednik) are the other players who did it in multiple seasons.

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