Philip Rivers gets ready to join 25,000-yards passing club

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Philip Rivers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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When San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers connects on a pass (or more) for 27 yards in Sunday’s game at Kansas City, he will reach a couple of milestones in his career.

First, Rivers will become the 63rd QB in NFL history to amass 25,000 or more yards passing. Since he will (has) accumulated those 25,000-plus yards with only the Chargers, Rivers will become the 37th QB in NFL history to pass for 25,000 or more yards with one franchise.

In addition, Rivers will become the third Charger QB to reach the 25,000-yards passing milestone with the club, joining Dan Fouts and John Hadl. The trio of Rivers, Fouts and Hadl will make the Chargers only the third franchise in the league to have three QBs reach the 25,000-mark in passing yards with their franchise.

Following are the NFL franchises that have had the most QBs throw for 25,000 or more yards for their team.

Number of QBs with 25,000-plus passing yards, Team, quarterbacks

3: New England (Tom Brady, Steve Grogan, Drew Bledsoe); San Francisco (Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Brodie)

2: Buffalo (Jim Kelly, Joe Ferguson); Cincinnati (Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason); Indianapolis (Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas); Miami (Dan Marino, Bob Griese); New York Giants (Phil Simms, Eli Manning); Philadelphia (Donovan McNabb, Ron Jaworski); Pittsburgh (Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger); San Diego (Dan Fouts, John Hadl); Seattle (Dave Krieg, Matt Hasselbeck); Tennessee (Warren Moon, Steve McNair).

1: Arizona (Jim Hart); Dallas (Troy Aikman); Denver (John Elway); Green Bay (Brett Favre); Jacksonville (Mark Brunell); Kansas City (Len Dawson); Minnesota (Fran Tarkenton); New Orleans (Drew Brees); New York Jets (Joe Namath); Washington (Joe Theismann).

0: Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Oakland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay.

As mentioned above, Rivers will become the 37th QB to throw for 25,000-plus yards for a franchise. There are an additional 26 quarterbacks who have accumulated 25,000 or more passing yards in their career, but have done it with two or more teams and have not (or did not) reach the 25,000-mark with one team. Those 26 quarterbacks are:

George Blanda, Chris Chandler, Kerry Collins, Randall Cunningham, Steve DeBerg,  Jim Everett, Roman Gabriel, Rich Gannon, Jeff Garcia, Jeff George, Trent Green, Jim Harbaugh, Brad Johnson, Sonny Jurgensen, Jon Kitna, Bobby Layne, Craig Morton, Ken O’Brien, Carson Palmer, Jake Plummer, Jim Plunkett, Norm Snead, Kenny Stabler, Vinny Testaverde, Y.A. Tittle, Kurt Warner.

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