Indianapolis Colts NFL’s best September team since 2000

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Current Colts QB Andrew Luck(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Indianapolis Colts, with a new coach and starting quarterback, turn the page on the 2012 calendar to October with a 1-2 record. While the 1-2 mark in the first month of the season may not have been exactly what the team was looking for, it was still good enough to keep the franchise at the top of the list for win-loss records in September since 2000.

Since 2000, the Colts have a 29-12 record in September (a .707 winning percentage) making them the only NFL franchise to win 70 percent of their games in the season’s first month since the turn of the century. It’s important to note that from 2000 to 2007, at the height of Peyton Manning’s career at the helm of the Colts, the team went 22-4 in the month of September. Since then (from 2008 to 2012) the Colts are a very average 7-8.

Following are the win-loss records for each franchise in the month of September from the 2000 season through yesterday’s games.

Team, win-loss record & pct in September games (2000-2012)

Indianapolis 29-12 .707

Denver 29-16 .644

Baltimore 27-15 .643

New York Giants 27-16 .628

Green Bay 27-19 .600

New England 25-17 .595

Philadelphia 26-18 .591

Seattle 25-18 .581

Dallas 24-18 .571

Atlanta 25-19 .568

New York Jets 23-20 .535

Tampa Bay 23-20 .535

Minnesota 22-22 .500

San Diego 22-22 .500

Washington 21-21 .500

Jacksonville 21-22 .488

New Orleans 21-22 .488

Oakland 20-23 .465

Chicago 19-23 .452

Tennessee 19-23 .452

Buffalo 19-24 .442

Cincinnati 19-24 .442

Carolina 18-24 .429

San Francisco 18-25 .419

Houston 15-21 .417

Kansas City 18-26 .409

Arizona 17-26 .395

Miami 17-26 .395

Detroit 16-26 .381

St. Louis 17-28 .378

Cleveland 14-31 .311

In looking at the September records of each team since 2009 (the last four years), we see that the best September record since ’09 belongs to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have won 10 of their 13 September games since 2009. At the other end of the list are the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns; both teams were only 2-11 in September games since 2009.

Following are the September records for each of the teams since 2009.

10-3: Baltimore

9-4: Atlanta, Green Bay, Houston, New York Jets

8-4: Chicago

8-5: Arizona, Cincinnati, New England, New York Giants, Philadelphia, San Diego

7-5: Dallas, Pittsburgh

7-6: Denver, Minnesota, New Orleans, San Francisco

6-6: Indianapolis

6-7: Buffalo, Seattle, Washington

5-8: Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Tennessee

4-9: Jacksonville, Kansas City

3-10: Miami, St. Louis

2-11: Carolina, Cleveland

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